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A Story of a Story; The Gathering

The first to arrive was Mystery– she appeared just as her name suggests, mysteriously. She is one quiet lady never talking much leaving you guessing about her. Her eyes however had a sparkle to them but they were devious.
Unlike his quiet sister, Drama arrived with pomp and fanfare- shouting and having adrenalin rush incidental music. He was a tall fellow and handsome (his aesthetics is proof enough ask the ladies he attracts). He parked his black Harley Davidson and winked at Poetry.
Western, he came riding a dark wild stallion called Dark-Moon who neighed, and shook its head, its mane flying wildly across the bright moon. He disembarked took his lariat, and cocked his twin pistols. He clicked his boots and spun his spurs before heading over to us where he doffed his cowboy hat at the ladies.
‘Howdy pardna,’ he greeted Drama before seating on the grass.
A quiet young boy wearing angelic white lab coat and a pair of nerdy glasses arrived via a bright light. ‘Teleportation module active. Transferred from matrix A to B successfully.’ he muttered to himself- that’s Sci-Fi or Science Fiction.
Next was a dark-suited tall and thin man. He was dressed in a black suit from head to toe. He got out of his Alfa Romeo n unbuttoned his coat, two shoulder  pistols  visible- he was Crime.
As soon as he sat down, a young, sexy but determined lady drove up in a police car. Crime glared at her as she dusted her suit. She was Ms. Detective Fiction.
The two siblings exchanged daggers and sat opposite each other- the air was tense but only for a moment as lively Adventure dropped from the sky. He landed with a BANG! on Floetry and guffawed before greeting us all. He is a jolly but dangerously active child.
Then came along the twins Fantasy n Magic– both are sweet when in good tempers but woe unto those who crosses them- the two sisters are very powerful.
Thriller and Suspense the fraternical twins appeared- Thriller dived from a helicopter and released the parachute which he later tore away a few seconds later. He plunged down to earth and that would have been the end of him hadn’t he shot an inflatable mattress. He landed safely on it and winked Sci-Fi who smiled sheepishly. Suspense being a lady, didn’t do her brother’s antics and instead demurely stepped out of her exploding BMW. She blew me a kiss and sat besides her brother.

Finally Romance arrived on her dainty golden wings and floated down besides Poetry. She had in her hands, a golden lyre that matched with her golden hair. Her vibes filled the air and gave out an aura of peace- personally I never did like Romance, but she is my offspring and one must not hate on your kids. I prefer Thriller and Suspense very much- it isn’t favouring. I do not dislike the others though. Now we were about to begin the defense case when the black sheep of the Fiction Family showed up. Poetry, Floetry, Nursery Rhyme, Fantasy and Magic screamed louder than even his blood curdling, heart wrenching, ears shattering cries. He was a huge broad shouldered man having pale grey skin. His head tilted to one side. He had a missing eyeball and 1/2 his nose was missing. His right leg was whole but the left was pitiful remains of flesh and bone. A metal hacksaw stood out like a sore thumb on his head and dark red blood flowed freely from the open wound. Countless nails were hammered all over his body- Horror Fiction had arrived. Only Sci-Fi smiled warmly at him- even the rough and ready Western cringed at his sight..
I hugged him warmly and made him feel at home. The 3 ladies exchanged glances and nodded. I knew I had just given them three free points but I didn’t give a hoot..


Back to the shadows I go,
I let the darkness flow,
Meld to the darkness,
To stifle this sadness
Of My existence denied, therefore I am exiled,
I’m a nobody, Acknowledged by none
This feelings of worthlessness weigh like a tonne,
From within I am weak
From without I can’t seek
In the inside I am but dead
To the outside I am just dead
So as I am dead to all and me
What’s to stop my soul running free?..
Death is once again the only way,
For I don’t want to see another day..
You can judge me I really don’t care
For its too late I’m already there..
Past the point of no return
Where playing dead is more than fun..
Do I blame you, no I can’t..
Though it is really your blame..


It is ironical,
That at the beginning,
I decide to end;
Nothing but whimsical,
Flitting feeling’
Do my emotions send,
To my brain, to my body
Like a shot of hot toddy.
Not intoxicating,
But sobering.
Analyzing, scrutinizing,
Every movement, every motion
Causing a mental remotion
Demolition, demotion
More of an indevotion.
Thus locomotion
Shall come to a fatal attraction…
Therefore full speed ahead
Until I’m dead
As my Nindou
I’ll not give up..


Full of sorrow, full of pain

They do grow like an ink stain

What do I do what do I say?

Looking at the horizon,

Waiting for the day,

Cherishing the reason

To let life slip away

From my body to wherever it came from.

It’s a ship in the mid of a storm

Trying its best to stay afloat

Smashed and crashed by the waves

Going to and fro

Tossed hither and thither

And though it has an anchor

The link is just too weak to do any good

Like a homeless man pleading with a banker

Yes I’m feeling sour and bitter

Looking down at all the graves

Wishing on Hades could I dot…


I want a friend

Who’ll stick with me to the very end

A friend I can confide

Not be afraid to say what’s inside

Won’t judge me or put me on trial

When I need her, I just press her speed dial

I want him to understand me

To look up at me and see

A fine role model, a hand to lean on

To look down on me

And stretch out her hand to lean on

Help me on equal grand we both stand


A friend to know talking

But deep down am sulking

A friend to know when I’m mum

Doesn’t say am acting aloof

To know I may be mad or

Just downright sad

He cheers me

She hears me when am silent

But where do I get such a friend

Should I walk to the world’s end?

It starts with me, but who wants to be

Acquainted with a melancholic me?


I’m an introvert, but I put a smile

A facade that lasts but quite a while

Before it shatters and reveals

The quiet silent shy creature

Afraid of even his own shadow

So all this is just a pipe dream

I’d rather go to the nether realm

Where I don’t read human feelings

For me to make a living for

I’ll be dead and asleep

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