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As I sit down on the chair,
Thoughts clash here and there,
Up and down, left and right
Dusk to dawn, morn’ to night.
All bottled up in my skull,
Oh! How I wish, a peaceful lull
Would settle over me
Very soon.
Like a typhoon,
These emotions won’t let me be.
Just cause I promised to wait;
I pray you answer before its too late.
Tell me its love or tell me its hate.
As simple as that
Like swinging a bat.
My mistake saying I’d wait till you respond.
However my resonance
Then: Isn’t resonating with my intelligence,
When: You give me mixed signals,
Not wanting to say yes
Though keeping me close to shore.
What for?
I’m not a ship to be docked and docked
At will,
I’m in a quagmire,
And I tire,
Trapped in quicksand, the more I struggle
The deeper I sink.
Yet should I stay still,
What will you think?
Sugar Plum set me free once and for all,
The work is small,
I’ll come to you when you call
But please break this bonds of emotion
For to you I have devotion.
I’ll keep my promises
No matter the mess
That I’ll get in.
My wish I you do so, soon
I only do this once a blue moon,
And the moon is turning white,
Very soon it will shine bright
What you are trying to forestall….

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