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Subconscious Manifestations : The Calling

I am a troubled soul. I thnk my alternate universes are converging to one point. Either that or I am just bonkers.. Of late my subconscious manifestations have become more vivid and real. It has reached the point where I even feel in my dreams. Previously I could only cry in my dreams and wake up to a wet pillow but that was a once in a blue moon achievement. Now however, I can hear in my dreams, get hurt and just basically experience all the senses and wake up to find the physical manifestation: And no I don’t find I have eaten my pillow..
Recently someone called me a schizophrenic and I vehemently denied I am one and still do.. But she got me thinking, its true I avoid human contact and try to keep it at the barest minimum level I possibly can;meaning because of work. However most of the time even when I am at work I buffer myself with a cloak of daydreams and vivid imagination. When I am free I immediately dive into either my literary universe or the Manga world. I happen to find myself more at ease with the characters in the said universes than real humans.
This reminds me of an episode in Bleach where to achieve Bankai one has to enter the Zanpaktou’s universe amd bring it to the human one. Or even Naruto where using the Kuchiyose no Jutsu to transport items to a said place. However, in my case it is a reverse Summoning as it seems the different worlds of which I claim residence are all calling to me.. To make matters worse, this world no longer holds any appeal to me.. I think I will jump on the offer of exiting this mundane world and go to where I truly belong…

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