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Three Beers

Three beers was all it took
To shake and shatter
My foundation shook
From the nuclear blaster
After wave shock
Out cold it has me knock’.

The first beer, cold and refreshing
Joy and happiness it did bring
Cold and crispy to the touch
Of euphoria I have never felt such
I relished the smoothness in my mouth
Then swallowed it and let it flow down south
In such a short amount of time
I had already finished it
Feeling sublime
I cherished it,
The alcohol high
Surely made me sigh.

Thus a segunda
Revealed personal propaganda
Aimed at my being
Blurring my seeming-
ly affected vision
Blinded me with precision
So I grasped the second bottle
Chugged it down full throttle
With not a care
Trying to ensnare
And duplicate
The intimate
High that was diminishing.
Very soon, it was in my grasp
But alas it turned out later to be an asp.

It stung me hard
Releasing its venom.
I reeled from the pain
Fighting hard to stay sane.
I wished I could burrow like a worm.
So number three
I ordered to be free.
The high was waning
Sobriety was now gaining
No matter how fast
I drunk,
Into reality I sunk,
And at last
I realised it was over.
There was no four leaf clover
To be found
On this parched ground.

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