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Set Me Free – Subconscious Manifestations

“Please dad lighten your mind,
In your heart pease do find
The time to carry me around
I’ll promise not to make a sound…”
Yes, this is another subconscious manifestation of my gigai while still trapped on this planet.. I experienced this dream on Monday but for some purpose I couldn’t come to post though I wanted to post it ASAP.. All I could do was to record it in my Dream Journal.. This time though my sub-manifest was oh so vivid like it was watching a 3D movie at your cinema theatre.. So lifelike was it that when I got back to this nightmare called life on earth I could hear the closing soundtracks strumming in my brain..
I can’t promise you the same experience I felt but I’ll do my best as the Deity of the Universe of Infinite to replicate the mood and tone of the manifest with my limited resources.. If you have the following files handy play it while reading the post; maybe later on I will modify the post to include the sounds..
Opening OST; Above and Beyond: Set Me Free
In-Dream OST;
1. On the Precipice of Defeat by Sagisu Shirou
2. Driving to Heaven by Tiesto
3. La Distancia Para un Duelo by Sagisu Shirou
Closing OST; Saika and Loneliness (Naruto OST)

For those who play Subway Surfers this month of July is set in Rio.. The sub-manifest takes place in a setting between a jungle and the Rio scene though don’t include the trains nor coins nor jetpacks..
I was in the jungle on a cable car having two friends along- a guy and a monkey or was it a marsupalami? As usual with my dreams I either am being chased or doing the chasing. This time we were chasing after somebody/something when I made a telepathic connection with the deity of the land. (Yes deity to deity connection; very clear connection and unlimited talk plan). The god was an evil being and knowing too well his or her nature I rejected her advances. I say her because the god started pursuing me so I hastily broke off the connection but I knew we would be relentlessly pursued. (You humans have a saying that goes Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned). True enough a flow of lava shot from the ground trying to drown us.
* “Hadou # 88 Danku,” I shouted and the split void protected the rear of the cable car. The lava’s inertia of motion pushed the cable car farther up the mountain. I repeatedly had to shout the Hadou #88 to regenerate the force field.
Seeing we weren’t roasted, the demon honoured us with her presence and attacked us. Knowing too well its power, an incantationless Hadou #88 wouldn’t save us so I had to chant it quickly..
**”Guardian Angel, Superior Protector, bring unto me the fruits that thine garden doth bare; as I render unto you. Ensure that the attempts of the malicious Demons prove fruitless! Annihilate their offences! Vanquish their hopes! Split the Void! Hadou #88 Danku!”
A five layered void shielded us from the demon’s attack by due to the force of both the attack and the defence the cable car snapped and we fell headlong into the river below. I lost contact with my friends and blacked out..
I came to in the city; where I had taken an item and was being attacked by sword-bearing people. Instantly my Hadou #88 came in handy protecting me until the point where I came in contact with a close combat nail-cutter thrower. (yes a nail cutter thrower; even I was shocked I was expecting a shuriken or kunai)
I knew it was dangerous so when he threw the first one I caught it. It must have been his favourite piece because he bombarded me with a hail of nail cutters. Being overwhelmed, I fled running down St. Michael’s street to East Church Road with the thrower still attacking and me all the time chanting Hadou #88.. The Split Void littered the road as I attempted to slow him down.
Without knowing how and why I started flying over the main road. However, unlike in my other dreams where I fly, I wasn’t acrophobic anymore. I actually enjoyed looking down from my height. I headed to a nearby mall and looked at it then headed to a famous hotel in the neighbourhood and a few other places before I decided to land. However my body wasn’t in sync with my mind and so I landed in a place akin to Safari Park..
While flying a realization dawned on me; it was like I knew I was dying slowly for I had no more fear nor regret. My heart and mind were as calm as the deep blue sea..
I almost landed in the pool but stopped in time. Then I saw my body; and was I shocked!. I was dressed in a maroon blazer and a pleated checked skirt. Apparently I was a girl***.
A man stood over my body and I felt a familiar tug at the bottom of my heart. If I’m not mistaken it was my father. A male doctor had my body in his hands. I was in a vegetative state; my tongue swollen and hanging out of my mouth..
“It’s too late sir,” I heard the doctor say. “She used this way to escape and be free. This was her means to get wings and fly.”
My dad was quiet but I could tell he was at loss and quite sad. I found myself entering my body again and struggled to speak..
“She wants to speak but all she can say is mba.”
I realised it was futile to speak soi established a telepathic channel with dad and said:
“I know you haven’t been there for me but I don’t blame you. My choice led to this final result please don’t blame yourself..
Please dad lighten your mind,
In your heart pease do find
The time to carry me around
I’ll promise not to make a sound…”
With that said I left my body and left my crying ‘mba’ as I too shed tears of what would have been but never was…….
With that I woke up. Had I been asleep for a few more seconds, I would have woken up to a wet pillow..

PS: Originally, this was supposed to be the last post by this Deity of the Universe of Infinite; Had I posted this post on Monday the 13th. No, my SPIRIT beam still been repaired but my daughter found a way to transport me back to my Universe. For now though let me stick around some,more on this planet for a little while longer; it can be a day, a month, a year. Until next time these are the Subconscious Manifestations of Resident of Phantasmagoria and Citizen of Dream Land; Upper 1st Tier Diamond Stand

*PS the correct numerical nomenclate is Bakudo #81 but since in the dream I kept saying Hadou #88, I’ll stick to it.. Btw Hadou # 88 is Hiryuu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho.. Go read or watch Bleach and you’ll know..
**Yes I know I should really stop watching Bleach. Just two more episodes left then I’ll be done..
***And for the record I don’t cross-dress nor do I secretly wish to be a girl.. This Deity is sexless neuter being having neither gender nor sex.

Memories of Future Past

Back when I was a boy

Discovering the universe

I shouted ‘Dreams Ahoy!’

Up from my wooden mas’

I swam up to the land

Of Image Nation

And man did I feel grand;

The rush of exaltation

Of unlocking such power

Like I’d ascended God’s Tower

And hence I started creating

My Universe of infinite

By which through it

I now live my life

Aloof to earthly strife.

Though I do regret

The dreams I did create.

Most didn’t see the light of reality day

And died as soon as I opened my mouth to say.

I wanted to heal with all my zeal,

Help the ones with malady’ and ill’

But the bloody call

Wouldn’t even for a minute stall

Or give me space to catch up in the race

So down the drain

With utter disdain

That fleeting dream

A mirage it did seem.

Next on to prose-thetics

Mind’s version of calisthenics

As I dreamed of imagining

Of writing the next big thing

But came the e publishers

And they became dream banishers.

Next port-o-call, heuristics dispensing

Was nothing more than fencing.

Enter hospitality, with all my naivety

Led to mental fatality.

Tried my hand at drawing

But my works will not be showing

At any art gallery

Maybe just the dustbins in a backstreet alley.

Well the list could go on

Though for now my memories are worn.

Subconscious Manifestations : The Calling

I am a troubled soul. I thnk my alternate universes are converging to one point. Either that or I am just bonkers.. Of late my subconscious manifestations have become more vivid and real. It has reached the point where I even feel in my dreams. Previously I could only cry in my dreams and wake up to a wet pillow but that was a once in a blue moon achievement. Now however, I can hear in my dreams, get hurt and just basically experience all the senses and wake up to find the physical manifestation: And no I don’t find I have eaten my pillow..
Recently someone called me a schizophrenic and I vehemently denied I am one and still do.. But she got me thinking, its true I avoid human contact and try to keep it at the barest minimum level I possibly can;meaning because of work. However most of the time even when I am at work I buffer myself with a cloak of daydreams and vivid imagination. When I am free I immediately dive into either my literary universe or the Manga world. I happen to find myself more at ease with the characters in the said universes than real humans.
This reminds me of an episode in Bleach where to achieve Bankai one has to enter the Zanpaktou’s universe amd bring it to the human one. Or even Naruto where using the Kuchiyose no Jutsu to transport items to a said place. However, in my case it is a reverse Summoning as it seems the different worlds of which I claim residence are all calling to me.. To make matters worse, this world no longer holds any appeal to me.. I think I will jump on the offer of exiting this mundane world and go to where I truly belong…

Evil Subconscious Manifestations

The sun has set,
Shadows lengthen,
The wind gets cold,
Appear the denizen
Of the night,
Fill thee with fright..

The moon glows,
Clouds pass by.
Streamlet flows
Silent on the ground.
Owl swoops overhead
A field mouse will turn up dead..

Cold bites in
Mosquitoes pester
Starts to drizzle
White ants foster
Up-down spine travels a chill
Making the traveller lose all will..

Hear the lupus howl
And the silent stalk
Close up with the grizzly growl
In fear thee will baulk
And so starts the chase
As thee looks for hiding place…

Thee scream, thee shout the yell
You stumble trip and fall
The predators pass thee by, thee sigh what a close call
Though thee bleeding on the head
Thee awake on a wet bed..

More Subconscious Manifestations

Well then here I am again. Last time I asked what is a dream? We discussed it superficially and now I think I will begin posting my oh so weird crazy dreams to be read at, laughed and basically enjoyed. That way you can analyze and try to find out what type of person I am. Am I comfortable spilling the beans? well n I am not but on the other hand I want to show the world that well crazy and weird people still exist and I am one of them..

Well Last night-today morning I had a series of subconscious manifestations during my REM sleep. However I will only post one.

I was transported back to the time when full-scale invasions were taking place and whole communities were either wiped out or completely subjugated by foreign powers. I happened to be among a small clan living in The Village Hidden in the Sands. Literally we were in a desert and if I am not wrong it was medieval Egypt. I was part of an assassination crew that was sent to wipe out this same village. I did my best to hide my victims from my fellow assassins but when i saw men, women and children being slaughtered left right and centre I happened to snap and i started defending the same village that i was sent to wipe out.

My fellow assassins surrounded me ready to attack and that would have been the end for me.. However the Deity of that land managed to envelope me in a bright white light and transported me to the future where I could get my revenge.

I was dropped off in an oval auditorium and was facing sixteen faces. Without being told I immediately knew that these were descendants of the assassins. Without hesitation I happened to discreetly run invisible strings around them all. For those of you who have watched the anime Akame Ga Kill my reference is to Lubber the green haired Night Raid member.

My first victim was a middle-aged lady whom I immediately snapped her neck to get the attention of the others. Now that I was centre stage, I took the role of Judge and Executioner. My theory was I had no issue with them slaughtering men and women. My problem was kids. To prove my point I strung a wire around the only child in the room and raised it a few inches high to drive home my point. Two of them actually got to their feet ready to strike me but I happened to easily snap their necks with my string.

To cut a long dream short, I snapped all their necks in half after making sure they had all regretted what their ancestors had done. I spared the child though so don’t preach double standards to me.

Now the questions:

  1. What do you read about my nature?
  2. Is my sense of justice wrong?
  3. Should I have spared the child?
  4. Am I just weird?

Answer those questions and if you want tell me.. If you don’t want even better. Until next time from Temporary Judge and Executioner, Interim Assassin and Avenger these are the Subconscious Manifestations of Resident of Phantasmagoria and Citizen of Dream Land; Upper 1st Tier Diamond Stand

Subconscious Manifestations aka Dreams

What are dreams?. The dictionary defines dreams as: A series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep.

Here are various, definitions of dreams though: Matriachly, Dreams are an evil medium of communication. Personally, Dreams are an escape/ medium of interrealm interastral transport & communication. Religiously, Dreams are a medium of communication. Scientifically, Dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious.

Dreams are said are hard to remember?. I beg to differ on that point. Dreams are said to happen during REM sleep or rapid eye movement. During non-REM sleep one doesn’t dream. I have nothing to say on that point though. I may be the exception though on remembering dreams. I am basically a light sleeper. I happen to know what is always going on around me. When I wake up the recorder of dreams in me starts to download the dream to my brain but it usually needs a trigger to remember it. At times I will wake up knowing what the dream was but other times an external trigger is needed.

What is that trigger? You ask. Well ironically enough it is nothing but an everyday object or activity. Like today I had an epic dream and I woke up in that state but I just couldn’t remember it. So I stayed on the bed trying to remember though not too hard. Reason being I know the nature of my trigger is a simple everyday thing. So as I sat on the bed, the wind blew my curtains and it all came back to me. WIND was the trigger. What was the dream about?.

Before I begin, I beg you to please put my definition of dream and combine it with the scientific explanation. Then please note that of late I have started watching anime and reading both manga and manhwa. As of the moment I am reading on Kurosaki Ichigo.

My dream now. Well I will give you a clip. I happened to have some enemies targeting me for what, I don’t know. All I know is that they weren’t your normal bad guys but rather ones having powers that humans don’t have. I was taken under protection by the good guys with such powers. I too exhibited these powers. Anyway I happened to be captured by a three man cell and they tortured me by trying to turn me into a Reyko-Kabal human machine (Mortal Kombat). At one time I was even given the option of deciding whether they use an acid as an antiseptic or whether they cauterise my wound with a flame thrower. I said neither and using my wind affinity I tried to blow them away. Funny enough I remember Hinata Hyuuga using her Protection of Eight Trigrams to protect me. It was then I remembered I was targeted because of my high affinity to the elements. I had powers akin to an avatar only way more stronger. Meaning if say a fire controller was to attack me. The fire 🔥 would instead obey me.. That was why I was being targeted..

I wish to continue with the dream but that will do for now.. See, dreams can be remembered but unfortunately I don’t dream all the time. I have a dream journal whose concept I copied from Shark Boy and Lava Girl. I write down my dreams because it is now a habit and old habits die hard. Besides it is good to know what you secretly desire. I have had so many secret desires, the main one being having the ability to fly, and ironically in 70% of my dreams I do fly though I exhibit my acrophobic nature too.. I mean fly without wings just naturally breaking the law of gravity.

So next time you have a dream, as soon as you wake up, quickly jot it down and you will be amazed at what you desire or fantasize. Till another time, ciao and keep on dreaming..

Subconscious Manifestations of Resident of Phantasmagoria and Citizen of Dream Land; Upper 1st Tier Diamond Stand

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