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The art of zero divisibility
Take yourself
Divide by zero
Whether you be an elf
Or better yet a hero..
So the mathematician says undefined
That to me means redefined
So he says multiply
But to me that’s a far cry
For existence cannot be multiplied by noting
Therefore my calculation
Will just bring
Chaos and misunderstanding
So do I just say invisibility
Is the art of zero visibility?

Subconscious Manifestations : The Calling

I am a troubled soul. I thnk my alternate universes are converging to one point. Either that or I am just bonkers.. Of late my subconscious manifestations have become more vivid and real. It has reached the point where I even feel in my dreams. Previously I could only cry in my dreams and wake up to a wet pillow but that was a once in a blue moon achievement. Now however, I can hear in my dreams, get hurt and just basically experience all the senses and wake up to find the physical manifestation: And no I don’t find I have eaten my pillow..
Recently someone called me a schizophrenic and I vehemently denied I am one and still do.. But she got me thinking, its true I avoid human contact and try to keep it at the barest minimum level I possibly can;meaning because of work. However most of the time even when I am at work I buffer myself with a cloak of daydreams and vivid imagination. When I am free I immediately dive into either my literary universe or the Manga world. I happen to find myself more at ease with the characters in the said universes than real humans.
This reminds me of an episode in Bleach where to achieve Bankai one has to enter the Zanpaktou’s universe amd bring it to the human one. Or even Naruto where using the Kuchiyose no Jutsu to transport items to a said place. However, in my case it is a reverse Summoning as it seems the different worlds of which I claim residence are all calling to me.. To make matters worse, this world no longer holds any appeal to me.. I think I will jump on the offer of exiting this mundane world and go to where I truly belong…

Thoughts on Life

Life is but like a journey
But not through the land of milk and honey
Rather through land of snow and frost
Liken to the permafrost tundra
Where one can easily get lost.
Like the immortal hydra
Troubles are never ending,
Solve this one two pop up.
Heal this one and another break up…..
So life is but likened to a journey…
A journey must end so what’s life’s end?.
Is it the Final Destination,
That you see round the bend?
Then what’s the purpose of life if it is just to die?
Or has my whole life been a lie?
Either way
Its not for me to say
But I will
For its still
The elephant in the room
That gives the foreboding doom
Where life is, dear must follow
Well now you know..

Limericks of Today

There was a man called Felicien
Who called his physician
To treat him and be healed
Then he had the doctor killed
For no real good reason…

The man called Bin Laden
To the world was such a burden
So on May Second
He reached Life’s end
And the terror load was slightly lightened…

A youth named Matheri
Thought he was related to a fairy
Making him drink human blood
And caused quite a flood
Of consternation, causing all to be wary..

The death of Samuel Wanjiru
A celebrated running hero
Made the athletes
Have panic fits
Making the country win zero…

The existence of ISIS
No relation to Osiris
With bloody pomp and fanfare
Killed here and there
Disrupting Syrian Bliss…

Come Chicken Gate Scandal
Too big for a country to handle
Exposing corruption
In the Body of Election
EACC’s biggest hurdle…

Mother Nature

Walking in the desolate woods,
A stream bubbles in da ‘stance,
Creating a sensational sound,
Makes you feel like you in the Alps,
Sun’s warm fingers stretching on the snow,
Melting ice causing a down flow,
This is the journey of the river from the mouth top to the ground low.
Starts as a bubbling brook,
Eroding and loading the river banks,
So awe-ful you just have to look,
Up at the stars n give thanks.
Look at them mass of burning gases,
Shining brightly to give light,
Other sources lightning flashes,
Which makes the heavens light up bright,
I could continue list is endless,
But you’d be muddled to a mess…

The Line-up

He looked around,
His eyes darted from face to face,
His ears ready to get the shocked sound,
No one moved no one flinched,
No eyebrow shook no finger quivered,
Yet he knew beyond all doubt,
The person was here and he would find him out,
Tightened his trouser,
Touched the 1st’s arouser,
It shrank but the man didn’t shiver.
The next objected,
And he was subjected,
To brutal handling.
The 3rd stood still like a post,
It was touched but no response,
She was brought but NO!! It lay limp.
Frustration build up,
As he moved to the 4th.
The British cursed and spat,
The African cussed and slapped- the Brit in his mind..
He looked at all and send them back,
Tomorrow was another day to get the lad.
He looked at his daughter
His eyes ready to slaughter
The nigga who defiled her..

Her Memory

Green, yellow and brown watch as they fall down.
The Autumn leaves of yonder town.
Hitting the ground gently like an elephant.
Let us go to Imax, seeking greater climax.
Ain’t nothing going to take this heart away.
Guide dogs leading the blind, force is strong
with this one.
Papier-mâché, china ware, somewhere in the hemisphere.
We used to walk by the river, till the day she drowned.
Now her memory is just a circus with a clown,
That no longer comes to town.

Elemental Play

So we all know of the body-building
C.HOPKINS Cafe enjoyed best with a hint of NaCl..
I love my name: CLaReNCe

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