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Thoughts of a Deity

Usually, I give a wide berth to social issues for where I reign (Universe of Infinite) such trivial matters are……….. Well trivial. However a certain issue pricked my ears in the Phantasmagoric Idyllic Lands. It got me smiling 😊 but at the same time frowning 😑.. Being a worshipped deity as well as human emperor, a man of the people; I have empathy for all classes more so the so called lower classes.. A certain Man of God… Ahem… Woman of God warned a certain economic class from attending her services. This got me thinking and in the process getting angry 😠.
As far as I am an objective thinker am concerned, whatever Deity that Tom Dick and Harriet worships, all humans were created equally. For the case study let us use the Christian Deity whom I shall moniker God. According to the Christian Holy Scriptures, man πŸ‘¨ was created in His image. If that was the case I don’t see God classifying according to financial status, unless the quality of image was directly proportionate to the mirror used. A second reason could be that Christian God is feeling the Njaanuary heat and wants tithe to be raised to 20% or something. Who can blame Him? After all, kingdoms need revenue to run. Who knows, may be the angels and saints are on strike wanting a 100% pay increment. Or some guardian angels want risk allowance for the security prone areas and people they watch after, so the Big Man Himself is pressured. Or some angels πŸ˜‡ are demanding travel allowances to be increased like some MCAs I know.
If any of the above,scenarios are true then I would totally understand why KK wouldn’t want poor citizens in her services. I guess Big Man Himself talked to her personally asking her to increase her revenue or else risk receiving no blessings. Correct me if I am wrong πŸ‘Ž, but churches are nowadays business entities.
However, if the above isn’t cut and dry, then the devotees of JCC: Jubilee Christian Commerce, Jubilee Commercial Church β›ͺ, Just Chums Church, or however you’ll read the JCC acronym; should be outraged at KK.
Any normal intelligent being who uses that mass of meat and mucus between their ears, would be incensed… Now now, I haven’t called anyone Deranged Neanderthal Primordial apes….
Anyway I totally support government move to monitor financially religious centres. I bet a quarter of its budget would be raised from taxing churches like Jumbo Cash Centre, Jubilee Commercial Centre of KK.
Until next time:
From a Concerned Being; An Objective Intellectual Introvert; Ruler and Worshipped Deity of Universe of Infinite yet Man of the People..


Difficult to see, difficult to say,
These thoughts in my mind they do sway,
Should you vacate, should you stay,
For I can’t tolerate this directionless way,
That you wander
Throwing things asunder,
The way you seem to go,
Tossed to and fro
Hither and thither like a raft in the raging waves,
As numerous as the souls in all the graves,
Are your signals.
Today you green, tomorrow red,
Last week alive, next week dead,
This you be smart, that you be blonde.
You’ll be above and beyond
When I try to respond,
Getting you to to see my perspective,
Leads you to be too introspective.
So I’ll literally be reflective,
Until the directive,
To be human once again
Shall be ordered and you return to be sane.
For I’ve reached my limit,
As MJ said, I’m about to beat it,
Turn you from lover to nodding acquaintance,
For you’ll not drop your ever defensive stance
I’m a human I will wait
But don’t procrastinate until its too late
For soon I’ll be gone
And you’ll treasure being alone..


It is ironical,
That at the beginning,
I decide to end;
Nothing but whimsical,
Flitting feeling’
Do my emotions send,
To my brain, to my body
Like a shot of hot toddy.
Not intoxicating,
But sobering.
Analyzing, scrutinizing,
Every movement, every motion
Causing a mental remotion
Demolition, demotion
More of an indevotion.
Thus locomotion
Shall come to a fatal attraction…
Therefore full speed ahead
Until I’m dead
As my Nindou
I’ll not give up..


As I sit down on the chair,
Thoughts clash here and there,
Up and down, left and right
Dusk to dawn, morn’ to night.
All bottled up in my skull,
Oh! How I wish, a peaceful lull
Would settle over me
Very soon.
Like a typhoon,
These emotions won’t let me be.
Just cause I promised to wait;
I pray you answer before its too late.
Tell me its love or tell me its hate.
As simple as that
Like swinging a bat.
My mistake saying I’d wait till you respond.
However my resonance
Then: Isn’t resonating with my intelligence,
When: You give me mixed signals,
Not wanting to say yes
Though keeping me close to shore.
What for?
I’m not a ship to be docked and docked
At will,
I’m in a quagmire,
And I tire,
Trapped in quicksand, the more I struggle
The deeper I sink.
Yet should I stay still,
What will you think?
Sugar Plum set me free once and for all,
The work is small,
I’ll come to you when you call
But please break this bonds of emotion
For to you I have devotion.
I’ll keep my promises
No matter the mess
That I’ll get in.
My wish I you do so, soon
I only do this once a blue moon,
And the moon is turning white,
Very soon it will shine bright
What you are trying to forestall….

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