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Of PDA More so Hugging

So my favourite phone Sony Erica had a folder called DICM for photos.. One day my creative side misread DICM as DOCM and so my newest above average intelligence insult was born.. Discombobulated Old Circus Monkey and its variations like Demented Old Circus Monkey, Deranged Old Circus Monkey et al. Up to date I don’t know what DICM stands for and neither do I want to know.
Yes yes this is another rant and rave of the Deity of the Universe of Infinite. I wonder how you figured it out?
PDA, PDF, PDD are what I wanna talk about. And no I don’t mean personal digital assistant, nor portable document format nor P. Diddy. I mean public display of affection, public display of friendship and public display of devotion.. Yeah you got me, the last two I made up, but I was just going with the flow.
Well as you know, for a while I have been stuck in this planet after my SPIRIT (Super Particulate Ionizer and Reflection Inverter Transmission) Beam failed to send me back to my universe. Hence I am stuck occupying a physical body on your planet.. Well as I have had little to do, I’ve been forced to watch your habits.
One of them is PDA.. I have no issue with displaying ones affections to the other party as long as it doesn’t affect people nearby.. By affect I mean physically. You know like stopping to greet someone on the sidewalk halting the traffic behind you. Or hugging once again disrupting the smooth flow of human traffic on both sides. Courtesy dictates you both move to a place where you won’t bother anyone and do your PDA. A few seconds more won’t hurt after all you’ve anyway been apart for that long.
Besides, I really don’t get the human standpoint of hugging and greeting and telling each other how you have missed the other party. I mean after all is said and done you’ll forget each other and react the same way again when you next meet.. I mean this isn’t déjà-vu it’s a plain annoying cycle. Hypocrisy in its rawest form.
Hypocrisy I repeat. In this age and era where fast methods of communication is available to every Tom Dick and Harriette there is really no excuse to hug one another. There is email, text messaging, calling, social networking through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter.. I mean you have a friend that has a friend that knows a friend who knows the person you want. The world is a global village literally. Go back to your village and ask for Mama Gathanga and you will be directed to her doorstep.
Back to hugging, yes I have vitriol against hugging. I never get the whole essence of hugging?. Is it an intimate way of showing you trust the other person?. No thanks but leaving my back at your mercy is more than I can handle. Or is it some ritual where you try to physically synchronize your hearts or something?. Someone please explain to this deity.
Don’t get me wrong, I also hug people and my reason is, when you go to Italy, do as the Italians do; or something like that. That’s my excuse, what’s yours?. As much as I hug there are a limited number of people I hug. Less than the number of toes on my feet. Reason being they are the ones I relatively trust to hug me and also know they wont literally stab me in the back with a knife.
I hate hugging and more so strangers. If it is an issue of trust a hand shake will do just fine or a fist bump “kugotea”. I mean the handshake originated from ancient times where one carried a sword and a shield on either hand. So to greet the other each party had to let go of an item.
So the next time you meet this Deity of the Universe of Infinite in his gigai please let us just shake hands, it is more formal friendlier and definitely more comfortable for this introverted deity. Well unless you are one of the digits I trust to hug.
Until next time, take care of those hugging you haphazardly. They might be pinning a kick me sign on your back.

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