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[A school bus’ engine roars to life as a male teacher and his group of students descends the stairs to the museum.

Another bus hoots and a female teacher leads her girls into the vehicle. The red bus leaves first then the green one follows. It stops at the black gate. The driver dressed in the mandatory blue doffs his hat at the female guard.]


Driver: When are you free?


Officer: From today till Monday when I report back here.


Driver: Okay I’ll call you when I’m done dropping the girls back to school.


[She smiles and waves them through then heads to see the curator who tells her to lock the doors as he leaves the compound in his treasured but dilapidated Datsun.]


Officer: That should be added to your collection.


[She locks the exterior wooden doors then punches in a six digit code in the alarm system before heading to the changing rooms. She comes back, puts the working clothes in the guardhouse then brushes her apple bottom jeans and straightens her hair before demurely walking out with her DnG clutch bag]




[An alarm goes off, which is quickly cut off. A tall figure heavily built opens the cubicle door slowly and then ventures out cautiously. He stretches then looks at his reflection and grins widely as he removes his name tag written JIMMIE.]


Jimmie: Who’s the handsome fellow in the mirror?


[He detaches a badge from his breast pocket and pockets it. He pulls out a comb and straightens his hair after washing his face. He steps out of the washroom and blinks rapidly to adjust to the dim interior lighting. They adjust and he heads straight for the art gallery ignoring the CRYING WOMAN carving by Peter Mokaya.]


[He curses loudly as he sees the door is closed. A clock above the alarm system reads 6:30pm. A strange look washes his face as he pulls out his phone. A groan escapes his lips- his phone reads 5:50pm.


He hears approaching footsteps but it is too late to hide so he turns round and sees a uniformed girl walk up to him. She is light skinned and short in stature and he realizes she was one of the female students to come for the field trip. He admits she looks sexy in the school skirt and his eyes travel to her bust and sees the name tag KATY. She adjusts her black Louis Vuitton duffel bag]

Katy: Are you part of the faculty?


[Jimmie immediately dislikes her though he is drawn by her beauty. Rather impatiently she repeats her question.]


Jimmie: If I did work here I highly doubt I would still be around especially on a Friday don’t you think?


[Katy gives him a hard look then heads to the door stretching her hand to grab the door.]


Jimmie: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The alarm system will come on.


Katy: You mean go off.


[Jimmy shrugs and decides to at least look at his surroundings. The windows were heavily barred so he couldn’t use them. The room was very big with 40×25 inch portraits spaciously hung on the white walls. Most of the paintings were abstract but a few were compositions. He quickly got bored and looked for a place to sit down.


Katy watches him]


Katy: You do not look like an art thief.


[Jimmie finally sits down under a painting christened The Enlightment. A small boy was walking through a dark patch of trees as he headed towards the rising sun in the horizon.]


Jimmie: Who knows I may be waiting for my accomplice to come.


Katy: You!! I bet you are the most art ignorant and illiterate person this side of the universe.


Jimmie: Art is for sissies and women who have nothing to do in life.


Katy: I’m sorry if I hurt your ego.


Jimmie: You did not even make a superficial scratch.


[He turns to look at the painting above his head.]


Katy: [Mutters] Then I’m the last king of Scotland. [Aloud] What now?


Jimmie: Huh?


Katy: The situation- hello we are both locked in a museum.


Jimmie: I am going to find a way out while you just stay out of my way and shut that mouth of yours.


[Katy rolls her eyes and leans against the wall in the process moving the portrait with her shoulder. Jimmie quickly grabs her and she kicks out at him hitting him with her bag.]


Katy: If you do that again I’ll do more damage.


[Jimmie slowly gets to his feet clutching at his stomach. He curses and watches as Katy gets defensive.]


Jimmie: Do you want to get us arrested? If you move the paintings you’ll make the alarm go off.


[She feels stupid and tries to apologize but he motions for her to keep quiet.]


Jimmie: Yet they say ati women empowerment.


Katy: I said I’m sorry. What do you mean by that statement?


Jimmie: Nothing at all.


[He heads out of the gallery leaving Katy watching him as he left.]




[Jimmy walks up the corridor passing the male washrooms where he had hidden himself. He sees a flight of stairs leading up to an office. A bronze plaque nailed on the door shouts DIRECTOR. He turns the knob and it opens.]


The room has a beige sofa and an arm-chair against one wall. A cordless phone and a desktop computer sat on a mahogany desk against an opposite wall. A Turkish carpet covered the floor up till a wooden cupboard.


[He went straight for the phone and picked it up, then slammed it down again.]


Jimmie: Great it’s dead and there is no network in here. Preserved in a museum I now feel like a fossil.


Katy: Well you are a fossil.


Jimmie: You scared me anyway what are you doing here?


Katy: Boys are not supposed to be scared isn’t that the norm?


Jimmie: Girls are supposed to be scared isn’t that the norm? I suppose that’s why you followed me in here.


Katy: You are such a male chauvinist you know that.


Jimmie: And you are such a female chauvinist.


Katy: You can’t blame me. After all you men always think that you are the best, superior, crème de la crème.


Jimmie: I am not having this conversation with you at all.


Katy: How do you know there is no network in here?


Jimmie: Male intuition.


Katy: Oh please!!!


Jimmie: I am starting to dislike you intensely with that attitude of yours.


Katy: What attitude? You just expect me to be silent and let you call the shots? Reality check, we are in the 21st Century. We women know our rights.


Jimmie: typical of you to make a mountain out of a molehill.


[He heads to the wooden cupboard and opens it. Inside is a coffee maker, three plastic tumblers, an unopened tin of coffee beans, a small water dispenser and three large packs of assorted biscuits.]


Jimmie: splendid! Instead of being out on a Friday night partying, I am stuck in a museum with a Miss Prissy yapping on about women rights.


Katy: And am tuck with a Stone Age caveman.


[Jimmie holds his tongue and boots the computer. Katy takes a seat and watches him as he ignores her. He clicks as the computer asks him for the password. Katy asks what’s wrong.]


Jimmie: Are you a computer hacker?


Katy:  Isn’t that what you guys do?


Jimmie: (sarcastically) I am just a Stone Age cave man.


[Katy ignores sarcasm and sighs as she realises that they have to put up with each other till Monday. She pulls out a shawl and a book. Jimmie shakes his head and tries to type in passwords but to no avail. His stomach rumbles and he makes himself some food. Katy pulls out two chocolate bars and hands him one but he declines to take it. After some time in trying to crack the password he yawns and looks up to see Katy sleeping on the sofa. He sighs and leaves the room.]




[Jimmie wakes up and stretches trying to get the cold out of his joints. A shawl drops to the floor which he picks up.]


Jimmie: Kwani the paintings will expire?


[He puts the shawl over his shoulder and heads to the washrooms and freshens up before heading to the office. He slowly pushes the door opento find Katy still asleep. He places the shawl over her body and leaves.]


Jimmie: (Muttering) Please at least just flash.


[The service provider tells him he has no airtime. He pockets the phone and sneezes. Katy shuffles into the room and heads to the female washrooms without giving him a glance.]


Jimmie: (Whispers) Morning blues.


[He heads to the office and pepares hot coffee then grabs some biscuits and sits at the table to once again try a hand at guessing the password. Katy walks in minutes later and comes to watch him work.]


Jimmie: No one works under pressure.


Katy: Have you thought of clicking on the hint button? I suppose the director is a male and forgetful.


[Jimmie blushes but snaps;]


Jimmie: You are so gender based, get a life.


Katy: I am merely pointing out facts of life.


Jimmie: Really? Tell this simple caveman what these facts are.


Katy: In a nutshell women are better than men.


Jimmie: In that case, come and crack the code.


[Katy takes the chair and hits the himt button. Jimmie watches as she types in words which are all rejected. He frowns and then notices the cursor is a bronze reptile. He snatches the keyboard and types in JURASSIC.]


[A welcoming message appears.]


Jimmie: Guess you are not better.


Katy: I am the one who pointed out the hint button.


Jimmie: you typed in Mesolithic, neolithic and microlithic. You have to think like man- Jurassic park is much easier to remember than what you learned in history class. Now excuse me I have work to do.


Katy: the phone is dead so there is no internet.


Jimmie: (Snorts rudely) Why the government bothers to educate the girl child I wonder. That device on the wall is for wireless internet not for décor.


Katy: You have an ego. Girls too are humans and we have more potential than you boys.


Jimmie: And you have such an attitude. The girl being over-compensated by ignoring the boy will not help any one.


Katy: It is fair since you had a headstart.


Jimmie: funny it is we men who fought for you. Starving the fet person to feed the thin one wont help.


Katy: What are you implying?


Jimmie: The girl child is mentioned all over. The boy child only comes up when for negative comparison.


Katy: Well we need a standard and that is the boy child


Jimmie: Let me warn you women with your attitude will find it hard to get a husband.


Katy: It is called being single by choice.


Jimmie: Do not lie to yourself Katy. You may sugar coat it but the truth of the matter is you will get no man to fit your expectation because the boy child was neglected as emphasis was placed on the girl.


[Katy stays silent as the truth sinks in but she shakes her head.]


Jimmie: I knew you wouldn’t agree. Let me give you some facts.


Katy: Go ahead I am all ears.


Jimmie: give me your ideal man.


Katy: well unlike you, he is one who can reason, show emotions and empathy, hardworking, educated or rather smart. Then there are the physical traits but I doubt you want to hear them.


Jimmie: (Quickly) that’s enough. Society expects the boy to be strong when under pain. Imagine a worst case scenario- boy is raped funny as it may seem it is the reality. He suffers in silence since he isn’t to show feelings.


Katy: Ahem go on…


Jimmie: We travel to Zimbabwe where our boy will not be believed because boys are NOT rape victims. We go to Botswana where widespread belief has it that girls are more vulnerable to HIV than boys, and since boys are initiators of sex it will be hard for him to narrate his ordeal. Also because many don’t believe the boy can be a rape victim


Katy:  Okay that sounds so gloomy.


Jimmie: Away from the scenario then to education. A female UN worker in Ghana said that high enrollment of girls in Ghana led to dropout of boys who favour employment to earn a living.


Katy: That shows he is afraid of competition.


Jimmie: You can be right too however look at it from a different perspective. Schools usually have guidance dept. and lessons. Such sessions are in class where both girls and boys meet. Boys tend to hide any problems or questions they may have infront of girls. Even in a single sex class remember the counsellers are usually teachers who teach them


[He sips his coffee and munches on his biscuits. He offers her a cup and passes the biscuits.]


Jimmie: Let us go eastward to Nigeria. Nothern Nigeria boys are few in school while Southern the opposite is true. So it is not just the girl child. We come back to Botswana where there are countless book research and programmes on the girl child butpractically very few about the boy child.


Jimmie: (Pauses) a principal here in Kenya said and let me paraphrase: ‘If the boy child is in danger then the girl is in even geater danger.’ I agree because if the boy turns to crime all are afeected.


Katy: But in the family the boy is more privileged.


Jimmie: The freedom we have is a curse in disguise. Let me ask, what are your paroz doing now?


Katy: Wondering if I am in school learning?


Jimmie: what would happen if they know you are trapped in here with a boy?


Katy: (Smiles) Hell would come to earth.


Jimmie: If you were in day the door would have been broken down by now. I am in day school.

Katy: Really? I thought you were…


Jimmie: I modified my uniform. Anyway my parents think I spent the night out at a friend’s place- there is a ring of truth to that. You see the boy is left to do what he wants and so he experiments.


Katy: Yeah I have to always state where I am goimg and keep curfews.


Jimmie: I call that guidance. If the boy had such rules then things would be different. The girl is always taught everything about herself like the first blood stain she got. The boy learns all alone.


Katy: also the boy child is usually compared to rogue politicians, abusive husbands and absentee fathers especially in single parent families.


Jimmie: exactly! The boy becomes bitter in life and this brings back your ideal man that you will find only in utopia.


Katy: Because he will either be an absentee husband, a squanderer on chips funga, mpango wa kando, hit and run.


Jimmie: Glad you seeing the full picture. By the way I am not a sexist I support gender equality.


Katy: (Good-naturedly) you are one smart cave-man.


Jimmie: (Smiles) the term is evolving. I am Jimmie by the way.


Katy: Jimmie the Cave-man. I like the sound of that.


Jimmie: Katy the Modern Woman. We cool now?


[Katy shakes his hand and nods.]




[Katy closes her bag and hands her number to Jimmie who then gives her his. They agree to meet again under non-claustrophobic conditions. They head to the gallery where they hear knocking and someone shouts Katy’s name. the two look at each other.]


Jimmie: Guess they noticed you were left behind. Tell then you are here.


[Katy shouts back and the person outside shouts in joy and orders for the door to be opened.]


Katy: Ready to leave now?


Jimmie: I can not.


Katy: Why not?


Jimmie: Remember the illustration if you were to be found in here with a boy? Bad picture for you.


Katy: How will you get out then?


Jimmie: A way will open. Remember you are the girl child. Neglect is nothing new to me I better go.


[Katy hugs him quickly and plants a kiss on him. He smiles and rushes to the cubicle just as the door is opened. A motherly figure walks in and hugs Katy. She is followed by the security officer and the bus driver. Katy greets the Madame and reassures her she is okay. She explains that she couldn’t call the school ‘because cellphones are illegal in school and the museum phone was dead. The officer backed her up on the phone inactivity.]


Officer: I am sorry ishould have checked infact let me do a quick search now.


Katy: There is no one around only a cave-man would want to be locked in a museum.


[The three grown-ups look at each other and laugh.]


Driver: It looks like someone needs a check-up.


[The officer then punches in numbers in the alarm system. The teacher herds them all out.]


Katy: Excuse me can I borrow your phone teacher?




[A message tone rings out in the building and is hastily cut off. Jimmie reads the text from Katy and wonders why she sent hin the opening date of the institution- 030799. He heads back to the gallery to admire the painting one last time because he vowed never to enter another art museum. He went to look at The Enlightment which he developed a soft spot for.]


[As he stares at the painting his eyes wander to the alarm system. Something dwans on him and he sends a flying kiss to the painting. He punches in six figures in the system and smiles as the system goes off.]


Jimmie: Thank you Katy.

Curse of the sands -p2

he bell rang n ol bt 2 boys rushd out. The 2 wa da same height. 1 ws brown with specs n quite shy bt very smart. Da ada was slightly darker more talkative n popular with ladies. CK was the shy one and James the outgoing bt they were good friends. The 2 put away their bux n joind da lunch line. The trays wa placed n da belt. CK 2k a Sprite, fudge pudding an apple n noodles. James had strawberry yorghurt 2 oranges n a plate o fries. They headed 2 an empty table. A young girl donning frameless spectacles sat next to CK.
‘Hi Rose,’ he confirmed her presence. She nodded at James. Rose was your average caramel, gud front 2 back ratio gal. She was big bodied but not fat ’cause she was proportionate. They finishd up n headed to the field where they’d spend their afternoon. She sat between the 2 boys n startd chatting about the latest movie. CK as usual was quiet only chipping in his views when asked. Rose then showd off her newest jewellry which was a necklace wid a milky purple stone. CK stared at it n axd her what she thot it was.
‘Amethyst!’ she answered. He shook his head as he felt it. ‘No it isn’t that. It is Quartz- silicon (IV) oxide.’
‘Nkt!’ She clicked, ‘Ati now I am wearing ordinary glass!’
CK shook his head, ‘No! Not ordinary! I may be wrong bt it isn’t ordinary. Mind if i borrow it?’ He askd. She snatchd it away bt he gave her 6 brown notes grabbed it and rushd to da Chem lab. The other 2 watchd his hasty flight…

Rose and James waited for CK outside the large signpost that read Philipa High School. It was already a quarter past, yet there was no sign of him. 3 minutes later he showed up.
‘Okay that is weird,’ he said joining the 2. James lookd at him to continue.
‘Isn’t Lead the point where the proton to neutron ratio exceeds 1:1.5 hence radioactivity begins from there? Then how does that explain… No! Somethings not right.’ He continued. James askd him whether the whole time he had been in the lab. CK nodded deep in thought. He then asked Rose where she had bought the locket.
‘My cousin abroad sent it as a gift,’ she answered as they got in the waiting school bus.
‘So are you going to the school camp?’ James asked him. CK stared at Rose for further explanation which he got in the form of a leaflet. He read it thoroughly then nodded. He pulled out the necklace staring for long at it. As he turned it round he could have swore he saw a faint glow to it.

Phil Collins stepped out to resume the EVA. He rechecked his safety tether before venturing forth. He drifted sidewise to the crane where he connected his foot to the restraint.

He rechecked his safety tether before venturing forth. He drifted sidewise to the crane where he connected his foot to the restraint. For 5 mins he worked n the satellite as he heard the friendy chatter- over his inbuilt radio of his colleagues back in the station.
Just 3 more more shuttle payload deliveries before the ISS was complete. This was his 7th month away from earth. He gazed at the stars in awe as he reminisced how he had lost everything. A pinprick of light flashed yonder. He wondered what it was as he headed back.
After being acclimatized he joined the rest and told them of the light. They teased him and laughed. He tried to explain but they all laughed even harder. He saw it was useless and got up heading to his bunker.
A few minutes later a tense voice came over the PA:
‘We have a problem. Some of our vital instruments have stopped working. Radio communication is down.’

CK headed to his room and plopped into his bed. He put on his laptop and went to the information superhighway. Using Wikipedia he read everything about Silicon- yet he was still puzzled. Nikki his elder sister and guardian called him down for supper. He told her ’bout his day then switched on the television.
‘In other news ten crew members of Apollo 17 are stranded in space following breakdown in communication systems with Mission Control in Houston Texas. Technicians say the problem is from space and not Earth. However everything is being done to reconnect with the crew. Stay tuned to WHUP TV for the latest in business news.’
Nikki switched to another station as CK tried to imagine how cool it would be to be stranded anywhere.
‘First the Leonid Meteor Shower of last week. Then came the Solar Flares that are interrupting satellite comunications. That was followed by the Near Earth Asteroid Eros that broke the record by coming as close as ten million Km to earth. Now observatories in US have sighted a comet heading our way. Is this the Apocalypse? I will let you decide reporting for CNN this is Madge Swits.’

Curse of the sands- p1

The 5 men flinched n shudderd inwardly as they recalld the threats of returning empty handed. 4tnately they found out the place wea it was and wa w8n 4 total darkness.

At 11pm, shadows moved up da hillock 2 da lone housf at da top. 3 of em pried open a window n got in. Sme1 screamed then silence was preceeded by 2 shots. Minutes l8r da 3 came out draggin a large sack. A van backed up 2 da door enablin da sack 2 b thrown in. The van’s door was closed n it sped off.

The 3 shadows took sme hidden cans and poured the contents in n out of the house. 1 took a match, struck it, threw it in the buildin n ran 4 cover.

From a safe distance the shadows watched as the manor was licked up by the hungry flames. They then vanished- neva 2 return.

The luggage was dumped at the master’s feet. He pulled up the frail old man by his white hairs. A scanning device was passed over him. A beep was heard over his wrists. 2 men slashed his wrists and pulled out a small chip the size of a Micro SD memory card handing it over 2 their superior. He took the chip and placed it in an adapter which he inserted in a laptop.

He cursed out loud n turned angrily to the bleeding man. He shook him hardly as he demanded 4 something. Hades pitied the man and carried him away but after the old man smiled victoriously and whispered: ‘It is safe.’


2010 my mind is spent,
Like an abandoned tattered tent,
Yet we only in September,
Last I felt like this i can’t remember,
Tis so bad am jotting down,
With this unrelenting frown,
Am falling head in the hole,
‘Cause you see, I’m but a soul,
With some feeling I try to subdue,
Those that make me and you be two,
IT has finally set in,
But I don’t want to let it in,
Guess I’ll never change my mind,
‘Cause right now I’m uptight and wind,
Tis outta reach from me,
Yet lo! Behold my eyes can see,
The beginning of every thought,
Like a line begins with a dot..

Death By Life 2nd part

‘Welcome to CNN. You are with me Madge Swits and Tek Williams. About 30 min ago 4 xplosions tore the city. The 1st went off at 10:01 am in the Stentworth Miller School of Art Fashion Music and Design. A student died,’ Madge began.
‘At 10:03am Runda wea the Internal Security Minîster dwells was the next site. He and hs 3 bodyguards got in the Range Rover which blew up upon ignition. The 4 died n the spot.’ Tek took over.
’10:06am and Muthangari wea the Ikolomani MP stays was hit. His mercedes blew up 20 metres away but he survived and was rushd to Nairobi Hospital. Then at 10:29am the final 1 blew up in Lavington Estate where the EAC Minister resides. His Passat blew up but fortunately no 1 was nearby.’
Tek cleared his throat, ‘Security has been tightened around the city. News just in- seconds ago the homes of Foreign Affairs and State Development in Nakuru and Kisumu have also been affected. We will bring you more as the story unfolds.’
Lucy sighed, ‘So much for peace and tranquility.’
She flipped to another station, ‘Our reporter Stephen Voski is in Riara where thd world famous school of has its regional base. Stephen.’
‘Thank you Eric. According to eyewitnesses the deceased Kevin Wafula was the 1 who warned the rest. However he remained back raising eyebrows. Did he set it off? Or was he trying to be a hero? We are proud to be the first house n the site. Speak of the-‘
Lucy watchd as Tek and Madge appeared behind Stephen. She shut off the telly and sat back thinking.

‘Tek n Madge prepare 4 a newsflash,’ the news editor to5d da 2 as they got in. They were directed 2 da Chief’s office where they watchd a video. Madge watched in horra, gasping 2ce at da threats. Tek watchd then advised the chief nt 2 play it on t.v. In response the telly was put on:
‘Minutes ago we received a videotape-‘
‘This is BCC. Minutes ago an unidentified videotape was dropped-‘
‘Eric Shimzy 4 WHUP TV where minutes ago-‘
‘ATN received an anonymous package containing-‘
‘Even radio stations,’ Madge said putting on the stereo next to her. Sure enuf all da radio stations were reporting on the tape.
Tek shook his head, ‘As long as CNN does not relay the news it will nt b valid. People trust us to give them news.’
Chief stared then asked, ‘What’s your plan?’
As if on cue a knock was heard on the door. A delivery boy handed Tek an unmarked white envelope. Tek took out his wallet and gave the boy some notes making him grin.
Just as Tek broke the seal, the door and in walked a young european woman followd by three other tall men. They all had guns in their hands.
‘We are agents from DSID. Your are holding classified information,’ the woman said holding out a badge.

Lucy strugld 2 untie ha bonds. She had ovaheard da video shooting. The knots cut deepa in2 ha wrists. She stopd remembering that she always cut 1 o ha nails in an upturnd V shape. The rope was polyester n she strugld 2 get ha pinkie finga in position. Afta twenty minutes the rope gave way.She restd 4 a min b4 putin ha finga dwn ha cleavage n withdrawin a SIM card. It was sharpend at 1 end n she used dt end 2 cut the other knots. 5 min later circulation was restord n she got up headin 2 da door. It was lockd bt thru da peep hole she kud c da key.She lookd round da rum n saw a mag on a woodn table. A wire was next 2 da table. She grabd both n went 2 da door pushn da mag unda da door. The wire she insertd in da keyhole n joggled it until da key fel n da mag. She puld it keafuli n 2k da key- ready to open the door.THEN SHE STOPPED!!Lucy lookd round the rum. It had a table, the chair where she was tied dwn 2 n a window hy up in da ceiling. She shook ha head, took da key n lockd haself in jamming the wire in the hole. She realisd what was wrng. Footsteps headed 2 da door frm the outside.’She’s gne n taken da key wid ha. 4lw ha n kil ha,’ Whitney shouted. 3 other pairs of footsteps wa heard retreatin as the door knob was turnd.She sat n the chair trying 2 figa ha next course of action. Ha gaze fell n the window wich was 2 high 4 ha 2 reach. She dragd the table n stood n it- stil 2 high. She put the chair n it but was just out of reach. After 2 more attempts she gave up.She froze when two gun shots resounded outside the door. Another shot n the lock fell off. She watchd in shock as her friend Sean walked in aiming his gun straight at her head…

Death By Life

11pm- outside 2 shadows moved slowly dragging a box 2 a parked car. They pull owt something n fix it 2 the car n vanish.
Somewhere else a group of men jimmied open a Rover Sports, got in and left it 5 min l8r.
A third place a red Merc pulled out of da driveway in2 a w8n lorry. 10 min l8r it was re-parked.

Kevin gulpd hs tea as da bus hooted loudly 4 da 3rd tym. He snatchd hs bag kisd hs mum n flew owt jus getin in da bus b4 it left. He put n da most angelic smyl as da driver glared at hm.
Kevin was a tall n thin youth bt he was strng. Chocl8 brwn colour n smal deft hands lyk a ladies. He was always sportin a wyt tee and black slacks. Not into girls bt in2 hs wak. He sat next 2 a short gal hu was watchn hm.
Once n xul they dashd 2 class wea the professor was w8n with a line of mannequins. Each took 1 headin to their workstation. They were to dress up the models. Kevin’s mannequin was leanin to da ryt and he got fed up afta 3 tries.
He bent it to da left.
He looked around wonderin wea da noîse came from. He lookd at da model. He turnd wyt as colour drained away as he realisd wat it was.
‘RUN!! There’s a bomb in here!’ He shouted. The others screamd wid five jumping out by the window. The others rushd to the door.
He tried 2 run bt his trousers’ belt were jammed on the drawing table. He fumbled with the belt n stopped.
He screamed loudly then-


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