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Volume One of The Count’s Saying’s

Did someone call me #shy? I beg to differ, I am selectively social if you bore me am quiet, if I’m interested I’m quiet so what’s so hard?

I am not a #narcissistic being but I do love myself cause no one will love me the way I love myself

#Objectivity is a self-preservation tactic of #introverts. #Subjectivity is a self-propelling tactic of #extroverts

#Criticism from a dog is better than #flattery from a leopard.

In #Life #Unity without diversity leads to boredom n monotony.

#Diversity w/out unity leads to war and pieces.Human #Life is an effigy of dreams- burning up in smoke.

Withdrawal is a self-preservation tactic of snails, clams, turtles, tortoises and shy/introverted humans.

The #wind of change is stopped by the #walls of conservatives.

It is nearly impossible to hear a leaf fall in the forest but it isn’t impossible to see good in someone.

#Happiness is like a drug- you need it to live, you suffer withdrawal effects.

#Solitude is the strongest fortress of all. #Words are a powerful weapon but #silence an effective shield.

When you hear a door bang- either an #opportunity has entered or left the room.

#Friendship is a sensitive area- keep your enemies close but watch your friends still.

After weather, man is a very unreliable thing. After earthquakes man is a very destructive force.

The most precious thing after #Life is #Time. Time is a human want, insatiable, limited et al.

The only constant thing in #Life is change.

#Life is an 8-lane superhighway busy and fast, but you should create your own bicycle path to ride leisurely

After the banalities, come the finalities. After the PARTY it’s time to PART. A time to say hi and time to wave bye.

Human #Life is an effigy of dreams- burning up in smoke.

Emptiness doesn’t necessarily mean lack of something, it can also mean ‘filled up by/with the wrong thing’.

In Life Romance is an armed mine, willingly stepped on & Marriage is an Island of emotion surrounded by expenses.

A quick #Nap to the #Body is a set of #Wings to the #Mind.

In #Life The #Future belongs to those who prepare for it #Today.

The #Ultimate form of #Love in #Life is loving and not being loved back or loving thankless people.

#Trust is stronger than Covalent bond. Yet its easiest 2 break. It’s also a mirror, once cracked the reflected image will never be the same.

#Matriachly, #Dreams are an evil medium of communication.#personally, #Dreams are an escape/ medium of interrealm interastral transport & communication.#religiously, #Dreams are a medium of communication.#scientifically, #Dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious.

There are times when #Life is like a hamster wheel, times it rides you, time it sails with you, flies past you,

#Life is but a short sprint between the incubator and the coffin.

Just as a spider spins its web n lives in it, you too spin your dreams n live in/thru them as long as it isn’t Penelope’s Web.

Living #Life is as easy as finding the area of a triangle- it depends on the formula used: hero’s, 1/2BH or Sin Cos Tan.

The Homo Genus is the only taxa that theorises and then does practicals. The rest of the 5 kingdoms have no such luxury.

When #Life promises you a wedding, dress 4 a funeral, if it promises to catch u n the way down, u better have an independent parachute.

Want to hear Rhythm of #Life, grab a #Stethoscope. Want to see below the facts get a #Bathyscaphe.Looking4 hope/higher view use a periscope. Looking for fun/creative side of #Life, use a kaleidoscope. Want your stars read use a HORRORSCOPE.Looking 4 perfection, use a microscope. Want mistakes & faults, use a mirror. Want to have friends, use a telescope to see their faults.

A #Rainbow has 7 colours, so does #Life have its moments- happy, sad, good, bad, work, leisure, pleasure, and business, enjoy it while you can.

Friends should be like oxpeckers, they stick close by & can be a nuisance at times- but in reality they actually help you by removing harmful ticks.

In #Life when between the Devil and the deep blue sea, Choose the sea for you might get a Lifeboat of Lesson, Ocean Liner of Opportunity, Raft of Reason.

Man is the master chameleon on earth. Pretentious yet pretending not to be pretentious.

#People ask for help in different ways. Silently, loudly, directly, in a roundabout way, consciously, subconsciously. Listen closely and help.

#Feelings of unworthiness are in the same league as jealousy, rage grief & sadness they smoulder and consume you from the inside.

#Death is an inevitable part of #Life, why then is mankind surprised when people die?

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