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A Story of a Story Introductions

So I know I am Novella Synthesis and not this fly dame called Poetry; but we both have something in common- we are both story tellers only that I am prose. Yesternight I had a date with Poetry and her close cousin Floetry, invited too was Nursery Rhyme; who to me, if I was asked, are all related. We sat out on the balcony and enjoyed the natural roof which had many holes that allowed the sun to stream through- then there was a big round hole that let the sun in according to Nursery Rhyme. Poetry then was touched and she alongside her cousin began spinning words to describe the night. Now if it wasn’t bad enough that I was the only male, the three then attacked me on my lack of enthusiasm to appreciate beauty- meaning the sensuous Miss Night. My punishment was to dress in black the following day. that is neither here nor there.
Anyway back to the outing. So after the three had completed their praises, we enjoyed the purest refreshment called Dew- Mother Nature was kind enough to serve us that early as it was only the Witching Hour- and you all know what time the drink is served. A few glow-worms and fireflies flitted above Nursery Rhymes’ head tangling themselves in her blonde hair. An owl hooted in the night and Poetry begun chanting about sorrow. I kindly excused myself and tried to leave but Floetry the sharp-eyed lady openly attacked me saying I had no feelings…
I am sure you want know how I reacted but that is another long story for another day…

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