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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

No this story isn’t about a pretty little girl outsmarting a fox…. Uhm.. Wrong story.. Let me bring that up again.. This story isn’t about a pretty girl dropping her glass slipper and marrying a prince.. I have it wrong again.. One last time.. No! This story isn’t about a pretty little girl having golden flowing locks heading to the woods and having to make a choice from three in other words meaning sampling.

Rather, it is about a young man’s quest in life to find a suitable partner. This might have an allusion to Princess and the frog, Princess and the pea et al.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a young boy named Sinclair. Sinclair was a quiet, nerdy, introverted boy, who mainly kept to himself and books. His primary school life was one of education and a few friendships here and there. Other than a few secret crushes, he had no love life.

Enter secondary and Sinclair could no longer smother the urges to get himself a mate. His first real girlfriend was a young lady that he met up with at a library during the midyear holidays; just before his final exams.

Within a week, he had managed to get the lady’s admiration and loyalty. However, his first relationship was a long distant one. He himself being staunch nonbeliever in long-distant, it wasn’t bound to work. The loosely knit relationship was formally terminated two years later on.

Other crushes came and went before finally settling on the first Princess called Dorothy. The two met at The world of I and O (1s and 0s), During a Social Interaction platform. What started off as a post, led to a castle invitation. What Sinclair liked about Princess Dorothy was she had attained a whooping 92% of his dream girl expectations.

Princess Dorothy in physique was small in body size and short. She had a cute smile, natural hair, wore spectacles as Sinclair, had a high sense of humour, smart both streetwise and bookwise. The two both had slightly complicated family backgrounds and tyrannical mothers. Their compatibility from Sinclair’s viewpoint was an average 85%.

Unfortunately, like most relationships happening in cyberspace it didn’t last long. After two face to face meetings, Princess Dorothy broke off the relationship due to a reason of vague nature..

Sinclair didn’t believe it as the real reason. However, the heartbreak and pain he suffered was too much. The following four months were the most excruciating period of his life. Day in, day out, he still thought of her.

When he realised she was gone for good, he reacted by encamping himself in a citadel having hypo-Jerusalem Gates height walls; hypo-Great Wall of China strength. Up went brick, then stone, titanium, diamond, platinum and finally borazon walls to encircle his heart and protect it from any other pain.

Two years later, Sinclair tentatively cut a window sized hole through the walls and allowed a commoner sobriqueted Sandra to “own” his heart. However, using his newly unlocked, self-defensive extrapolative powers, he could see the relationship couldn’t work out.. Sure enough it didn’t.

A year later Princess Mary entered the picture. Other than the height issue, Princess Mary was the second best candidate after Dorothy. Funny enough, Mary surpassed Dorothy especially in one area; Sinclair and Mary belonged to the same Religious Order.

Sinclair loved this Princess to the extent that he claimed Princess Mary was the only one he would think of marrying. The only issue was Princess Mary was a tad too young to be given off to marriage to anyone at that particular moment.

Using his extrapolative skills, he deducted the line of best fit and calculated that Princess Mary would never be his. Knowing that he deliberately hatched a plot to fall in love with another and wait for it to be broken.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which end of cupid’s arrow you are on, just because Sinclair had exceptional extrapolative skills didn’t mean he had exceptional planning skills. So he never did manage to have his heart invaded and violated, as much as he rolled out the red carpet for any nearby camping armies.

Old Father Time heals, so they say; Sinclair soon got over Princess Mary with time.

Exit two Princess, left with one; Princess Cindy. The “affair” or to be affair with Cindy was doomed to fail from the very start. Reason was, Sinclair had compromised too much. Cindy attained a measly 30% compared to Dorothy’s 92%.

Cindy was sub-standard yet Sinclair decided to go for her just because he was lonely and desperate. Yes to be fair, he even did things out of the way to please Cindy, but he even knew it wouldn’t work. Princess Cindy on the other hand didn’t want to push Sinclair away too far but also didn’t want to let him get close.

Sinclair knew this and though a number of times he made situations where the best and only way out was for Princess Cindy to dump him she never played that card. Well Sinclair might be a ‘baka’ when it comes to romance but he ain’t in real life. Slowly he pulled away, raising the anchor and drifted away from Princess Cindy.

So now after being Goldilocks and not finding just the right porridge, chair and finally bed to sleep in, he has decided instead of going to another house or cave and start sampling again, he is single and this time for good. After all, from his extrapolates he knows very well there won’t be another Princess Dorothy and his extrapolation has never failed him. Once again, his heart has been locked up in that citadel and now has electric fencing, CCTV surveillance cameras and two rare Transylvanian creatures guarding it. If you are a damsel enough, have fun saving the Knight in shining armour. And no it isn’t the other way around.

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