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Of pandemics

As you humans would put it, it’s been a minute.

Now I don’t know if that is said in a sarcastic tone or you humans really mean it. You have weird sayings some of which are paradoxical to each other. Don’t even get me started on that.

I have been on a hiatus of sorts, a sabbatical if you could call it. That’s why the last of my of a series was about three years ago. However let’s just say that this Deity of the Universe of Infinity has been busy elsewhere. Like all deities, we love when humans ask us questions and we at times answer. Some answer in roundabout ways while others take their precious time to give you feedback. I strive not to be the same so I answer what I can as I recognise my limitations.

I think you know where this is headed to. Yes I found this nifty site called Quora and I do answer there at times.

Now speaking of gods and deities, this covid 19 that is rampaging this blue planet has me worried. Its akin to how Apollo rained down a plague on the Greek army because his priestess had been captured by them. So if you have angered any Deity by capturing their priestess please return her immediately.

I am worried not as a Deity but as a deity trapped on this little blue planet in this human gigai. As I said earlier on, I survive because of this gigai and if it gets sick then it will affect me too. Please don’t ask me to intervene, it isn’t my bailiff. We deities have our own territories, spatial and/or physical. Mine is more of an abstract territory. I deal with infinity which then creates a paradoxical situation as infinity cannot be contained in a territory. Ugh, the English language.

Now all I can urge you all, myself included is just to maintain very high levels of cleanliness. You are all fortunate that this coronavirus is easily preventable. What made it such a pandemic was a conglomerate of human stupidity, lack of proper protection, misinformation et Al. However keeping clean with basic soap and water is the ultimate protection.

Stay safe. From your loving Deity, fellow human sufferer and most likely to be affected Deity.

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