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Thoughts of a Professional Heuristic Dispenser

Usually, I give a wide berth to social issues for where I reign (Universe of Infinite) such trivial matters are……….. Well trivial. However another issue tickled my ears in the Phantasmagoric Idyllic Lands. It got me smiling 😊 but at the same time frowning 😡.. Being a PHD (Professional Heuristic Dispenser) as well as an Academy Lieutenant at SMILES (Stentworth Miller Institute of Learning and Education) and man of the people; I have empathy for all classes more so the so called lower classes.. A certain exposé on national television 📺 showed the rot in your earthly learning institutions.. The art of dispensing knowledge is as ancient as the first man 👨 and woman 👩.. It is an honourable occupation along with the likes of (MBA) Mind Body and Astral Counsellors better known as Healers, Doctors.. No, lawyers aren’t that honourable and with the crop of current doctors…… That’s topic for another day..
As far as I am an objective thinker, I am concerned, whatever Institution that Tom Dick and Harriet attends, all humans have equal freedoms and rights, whether in Russia, Uganda, Syria, Australia, Japan, America, for weren’t we all created equally? For the case study let us use Nairobi Aviation College 🏫 that I shall moniker CAN.
Now CAN, I have to praise them, providing tertiary education for the masses.. I give them 5 points for that. Another 5 points for trying to churn out educated people..
However, I hope they don’t offer Journalism or Mass Communication courses at all, I know ethics are taught in those two courses.. Speaking of which, I wonder what ethic rule the investigative journalist who went undercover was following; to him the end result justifies the means.. Anyway back to CAN, were they really serious offering high end honourable courses to school dropouts?. Yes, intelligence isn’t everything, I agree to an extent, however why would I a STD 2 dropout want to be a doctor? Is it because of the cool looking white lab coats, along with super cool headphones 🎧 hanging down my neck that I plug to people to hear their Dr. Dre heartBeatz? If so then I guess, CAN can help me achieve my dreams.. I heard of many buildings collapsing in the city of Nairobi, I think the architects certificates should be checked to see the institutions they attended..
Let me stop attacking CAN now. My next battle front is YOU! Yes you.. Why so much insistence on me having papers to get a job? With such annoying qualifications, its no wonder seventh rate universities and colleges are cropping up.. Most of you finish 🏁 secondary schools and due to pressure or just wanting to look cool and not left behind, you join, not knowing what you want to pursue.. So we end up having in the market, an electrical doctor, an operating lawyer, a real life Dr. Do-little both literally and literary.. Or we end up having degrees touts, PhD maize roasters and I ask what for?.. Why waste hundreds of thousands, to do what you don’t like, want or know?.. Education never ceases so why hurry to join universities and colleges?.. Why not spend two to three years outside finding your niche then go study for that?. Gone are the days when papers from a university would land you an instant job.. I know of myriads of people all advanced in education but working jobs that not even I a std 2 dropout would do.. Take your time before deciding on such matters, be an objective thinker like myself.. Any normal human would see that, primary education along with secondary education is enough to survive.. Tertiary education is just a luxury in most cases..
Now now, I haven’t called anyone Deranged Neanderthal Primordial apes….
Finally my last rant goes to the government.. Its time for it to invest in education heavily.. Open more technical institutes and run them proficiently and efficiently, pay the tutors well and on time.. You forget we professional heuristic dispensers have the maximum time with your subjects about 20 years averagely, so if we want to stage a coup de état it will be a breeze.. Also if possible create, open universities and most importantly TALENT ACADEMIES.. I would have brought some of your administration to my universe 🌌 and train them but the attitude and characteristics of your leaders will just wreak havoc. Besides we haven’t yet established diplomatic relations with any earthly country so it will be light years before that happens.. However I will lend you my knowledge when needed..
Until next time:
From a Concerned Being; An Objective Intellectual Introvert; PHD and SMILES Academy Lieutenant, Deity of Universe of Infinite yet Man of the People..

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