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The Line-up

He looked around,
His eyes darted from face to face,
His ears ready to get the shocked sound,
No one moved no one flinched,
No eyebrow shook no finger quivered,
Yet he knew beyond all doubt,
The person was here and he would find him out,
Tightened his trouser,
Touched the 1st’s arouser,
It shrank but the man didn’t shiver.
The next objected,
And he was subjected,
To brutal handling.
The 3rd stood still like a post,
It was touched but no response,
She was brought but NO!! It lay limp.
Frustration build up,
As he moved to the 4th.
The British cursed and spat,
The African cussed and slapped- the Brit in his mind..
He looked at all and send them back,
Tomorrow was another day to get the lad.
He looked at his daughter
His eyes ready to slaughter
The nigga who defiled her..

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