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5th of June NOT 4th of July

Today 5th of June, I Deity of the Universe of infinite, stepped down from my universe and connected with the real world again. I went to a certain embassy (for security and legal reasons I wont say which and where) for a certain event (See latter parenthesis for reasons).

Well the security was as tight as the fists of a tightfisted being. I was screened about twice and had to leave everything at the security desk, even my tool of trade a box containing phosphorous nitrate sticks was apprehended; but worst of all, they took my precious Lumidee away from me.

Well I stood for about three hours, at the event, at that place, for that time, presenting our samples and presentations for prospective clients. All the while i was imagining just how many photos i would have taken and uploaded in my different sites just for me to remember this moment. Anyway I was soon bored and my mind wandered to other areas. I claim my lineage to Al Capone and my great great ancestor had a Yakuza Father and a Mafioso mother, so following my train of thought you can see where I am headed to.

apparently that place has telepathic countermeasures because no sooner had evil thoughts entered my head, than i saw three soldiers walk into the room. In fact one of them was equipped with all kinds of weapons; from a gun in the thigh holster visible for all and sundry to see, to a can of pepper spray, a stun gun, walkie-talkie and a baton. If I had chance to scrutinise further, I am positive I would have found many more concealed weapons.I mean, even his body was a walking talking human tank, complete with the long pipe thingie at the end that shoots whatchamacallit.

Talk about psychological warfare, it was bad enough there were enough people to scare a hikikomori and introvert like me, yet kicking me when I am down, you add a defensive and offensive appeal to it. To cut a long story short, we did what we came to do and then left. We were almost arrested for illegal picking of passengers and unauthorised U-Turn at the venue.

So the thing I learnt this whole day was, Lumidee is a very important being to me.

From Deity of the Universe of Infinite, Man of the People and Acclaimed quasi-hikikomoru..

More Subconscious Manifestations

Well then here I am again. Last time I asked what is a dream? We discussed it superficially and now I think I will begin posting my oh so weird crazy dreams to be read at, laughed and basically enjoyed. That way you can analyze and try to find out what type of person I am. Am I comfortable spilling the beans? well n I am not but on the other hand I want to show the world that well crazy and weird people still exist and I am one of them..

Well Last night-today morning I had a series of subconscious manifestations during my REM sleep. However I will only post one.

I was transported back to the time when full-scale invasions were taking place and whole communities were either wiped out or completely subjugated by foreign powers. I happened to be among a small clan living in The Village Hidden in the Sands. Literally we were in a desert and if I am not wrong it was medieval Egypt. I was part of an assassination crew that was sent to wipe out this same village. I did my best to hide my victims from my fellow assassins but when i saw men, women and children being slaughtered left right and centre I happened to snap and i started defending the same village that i was sent to wipe out.

My fellow assassins surrounded me ready to attack and that would have been the end for me.. However the Deity of that land managed to envelope me in a bright white light and transported me to the future where I could get my revenge.

I was dropped off in an oval auditorium and was facing sixteen faces. Without being told I immediately knew that these were descendants of the assassins. Without hesitation I happened to discreetly run invisible strings around them all. For those of you who have watched the anime Akame Ga Kill my reference is to Lubber the green haired Night Raid member.

My first victim was a middle-aged lady whom I immediately snapped her neck to get the attention of the others. Now that I was centre stage, I took the role of Judge and Executioner. My theory was I had no issue with them slaughtering men and women. My problem was kids. To prove my point I strung a wire around the only child in the room and raised it a few inches high to drive home my point. Two of them actually got to their feet ready to strike me but I happened to easily snap their necks with my string.

To cut a long dream short, I snapped all their necks in half after making sure they had all regretted what their ancestors had done. I spared the child though so don’t preach double standards to me.

Now the questions:

  1. What do you read about my nature?
  2. Is my sense of justice wrong?
  3. Should I have spared the child?
  4. Am I just weird?

Answer those questions and if you want tell me.. If you don’t want even better. Until next time from Temporary Judge and Executioner, Interim Assassin and Avenger these are the Subconscious Manifestations of Resident of Phantasmagoria and Citizen of Dream Land; Upper 1st Tier Diamond Stand

Saturday Evening Meet

I still have one more post to upload on my adventures on a Sunday Night πŸŒƒ. For now though let me tell of my experience at a recent gathering on a Saturday Evening.

I am a member of a certain social group on a certain messaging platform. This platform group os supposed to be an anime and manga group. Its name is Anime Anonymous. And no, it isn’t the type where we have a meet and start by introducing ourselves to all the Toms, Dicks and Harriets there by saying, “Hi my name is John Doe and I am addicted to anime.” Or “Attention commoners, I am Bakashi Hatake, I am going to use Raikiri on you after I introduce my name.”

As you can see we ain’t that retarded- or so I thought. Anyway this AA group’s main objective are manga and anime. I myself am a recent visitor to the anime world. My roots are in the written literature world but I have decided to visit my close cousins the drawn literature worlders. Yes, when I was small I loved watching Samurai X, Samurai Pizza Cats, Bleach. However it is only of late that I decided to seriously get a tourist visa to the comic world. I got slightly bored of my home ground so I wanted to see the world.

Anyway back to AA, I dropped out of two meets for the sole reason I couldn’t make it as I am a working being. Yeah and also because I didn’t want to meet up with strangers. I at times suffer from panic attacks. This time though I had also decided not to go but because of a good friend of mine back in high school Josi or Ice, he rekindled a dying flame πŸ”₯ in me and because of that I had to meet up with a certain person at the meet. So I RSVP to the host and confirmed my attendance. I checked out of work and headed home 🏠 to change before heading to the appointed party site.

I was supposed to have met up with a few others we head there but I avoided it. After all it meant bonding and my introverted self just will not allow that. Besides I didn’t want to suffer a mini panic attack, so I headed to the site and called the only person I relatively knew better to get me directions to the area. I stood outside the door for like 5 minutes just balancing my yin and yang before I was calm enough to knock the door. I was ushered in and since those present were less than twenty, my manners forced me to greet them all and wear a polyethylene smile to cover my rising phobia. Good thing there was a dog present and it made it easier because it started humping my legs. Oh the agony of having my right leg raped by a canine!!. Well I managed to keep myself unnoticed for almost a longtime just having slight banter with a small number of people.

All the while I was of course reading people and there characteristics while pretending to read or text on Lumidee.. I didn’t find anyone I could relate to cause no one present attained the minimum threshold of 50% for me to talk to. Only one person attained a 48% though she tried to offer me weed.

To cut a very long story short I left the meet past eleven pm after meeting up with my colleague. The main activities taking place were gaming on either PSP, laptops or the screen. There was also huge data transfers of animes and their derivatives from HDDs to HDDs. After gulping down some chow of which I had very big issues with ( I mean I am a food connoisseur and also a hotelier so I can not be conned easily with mocks; that will be a topic for another day) a movie 🎬 was aired though as usual I was busy on Lumidee. Very little interaction was taking place and by that I mean no real effort was made to get to know each other at all. Proof is that I left that place knowing less than fifteen people by name and only having a conversation that was more than pleasantries πŸ™‹ with only four people.. Not that I am complaining besides I had carried my protoplasmic being called Piper over just to tone down my panic attacks.

I felt cheated and let down by the turn of events. Except successfully completing my mission of meeting up with a potential partner I felt it a waste. In fact I managed to steal away unnoticed except for the partner whom I alerted that I was leaving. I left feeling mentally exhausted, gastrically cheated and physically disappointed 😞.

If the next social gathering I attend shall be akin to this one I think I will take an indefinite rain check to social gatherings. After all I am am introverted being..

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