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I want a friend

Who’ll stick with me to the very end

A friend I can confide

Not be afraid to say what’s inside

Won’t judge me or put me on trial

When I need her, I just press her speed dial

I want him to understand me

To look up at me and see

A fine role model, a hand to lean on

To look down on me

And stretch out her hand to lean on

Help me on equal grand we both stand


A friend to know talking

But deep down am sulking

A friend to know when I’m mum

Doesn’t say am acting aloof

To know I may be mad or

Just downright sad

He cheers me

She hears me when am silent

But where do I get such a friend

Should I walk to the world’s end?

It starts with me, but who wants to be

Acquainted with a melancholic me?


I’m an introvert, but I put a smile

A facade that lasts but quite a while

Before it shatters and reveals

The quiet silent shy creature

Afraid of even his own shadow

So all this is just a pipe dream

I’d rather go to the nether realm

Where I don’t read human feelings

For me to make a living for

I’ll be dead and asleep

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