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Thoughts of an (I-SAID) Intelligent Serious Archivist and Information Dispenser

Usually, I give a wide berth to social issues for where I reign (Universe of Infinite) such trivial matters are……….. Well trivial. However another issue tickled my ears in the Phantasmagoric Idyllic Lands. It got me smiling but at the same time frowning .. Being an I-SAID can be shortened to I-PAD (Intelligent Professional Information Archivists and Dispenser) as well as NEWS (Neo-nderthal Extricator of Well-hidden Signs) and man of the people; I have empathy for all classes more so the so called lower classes.. A certain incident that didn’t happen in national television showed the rot in your earthly government institutions.. The art of dispensing news is as ancient as the first man and woman, after all it was Prime Time News for Adam to hear that Eve had partaken of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad.. Being a reporter, journalist or cameraman is an honourable occupation along with the likes of (PHD) Professional  Heuristic Dispensers, (MBA) Mind Body and Astral Counsellors better known as Healers, Doctors.. No, lawyers aren’t that honourable and with the crop of current doctors…… That’s topic for another day, just not today though..
As far as I am an objective thinker, I am concerned, whatever Tom Dick and Harriet wants to know should be available, for all humans have equal freedoms and rights, whether in Russia, Uganda, Syria, Australia, Japan, America, for weren’t we all created equally? Therefore we all have freedom to information. Cutting out information is tantamount to stopping blood circulation in a body.

So why try to stop news broadcasting?. Media should be independent of all the other three classes, after all isn’t media the 4th Estate?. Media though is to blame for its current woes. Media here flirts closely with the ruling class, correct me if I am wrong but aren’t one or two media houses owned by high ranking politicians? So sixteen days of darkness so far..
Let me stop attacking media now. My next battle front is YOU! Yes you.. Why so much insistence on having to receive  news from established houses?  It is time for you as people to act as one, with one accord quoted from a certain National Anthem.. Or maybe thou are awaiting the children to take to the streets?.. I hope not, we don’t want another 5th Crusade, Maid Marian and the orphans of Nottingham or even Langata Road Primary incident, now would you?..
Any normal human would see that, the voice of 40 000 000 people will drown out the voice of 50 000 pigs, vultures and hyenas.. Now now, I haven’t called anyone Deranged Neanderthal Primordial apes….

These so called students in your pathetically pathetic higher learning institutions shouldn’t they be the first to take to the streets? I mean any student who is pursuing a media related course should be worried.. If it were me….. for once let them strike and protest for a good cause.. I dont know about yuo earthlings but information is a basic right more like a basic need.. Correct me if I am wrong but didnt one person leak the internet secrets to the world? I give credit to him for doing such a noble thing as that.. Thanks to him Information Dissemination has been made way easier.. So you middle class fellows who live in those comfort zones of yours, I a Concerned Being; An Objective Intellectual Introvert; PHD and SMILES Academy Lieutenant, I-PAD & NEWS, Deity of Universe of Infinite yet Man of the People challenge you to do something quickly before it is too late.. or else you just might be classified as lower than baboons..

Until next time: From a Concerned Being; An Objective Intellectual Introvert; PHD and SMILES Academy Lieutenant, I-SAID, I-PAD & NEWS, Deity of Universe of Infinite yet Man of the People..

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