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ESS-ence of 2014; OR-dinates of 2015

January timeless, February jobless,
March houseless, April staleness,
May dreamless, June shoeless,
July passionless, August loneliness,
September limitless, October loveless,
November harness; December’s hopelessness?.
Lifeless, sadness is what 2014 has been NOT more BUT less..
So 2015 what’s in store?
Will it be more,
And what will it be for?
January elegant show, February sunlight snow?.
March to Baltimore, April visit Clancymore?
May matador, June to ignore;
Self’s ation-Ador?
July Minautor, August’s Centaur, September self censure,
October dome-bore to November
What’s all this for
But to prepare for December?
Investing eleven for one,
I think I’m done
With my essence…………

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