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Of Man God(s) & Deities

Yes I know, it has been a while before this DUI posted his own original work. Do you think I just sit around in front of whatever electronic screen just waiting to post rants and raves?. Hello earth to kid, even we deities have lives to lead, or in my case, this gigai has a boring and mundane life to live. Yes yes, I am still stuck on this crappy blue-green mass of rock as I am yet to devise a human-friendly way to get back to my universe. For those of you who are cat curious, no I still haven’t found one, calling out to all Christian Scientists out there to come help a deity. I hope I didn’t sound oxymoronic.

Another year that you’ve all crossed over like chiasmata.. Yaay!. Big feat!. Not that I really care and all being the DUI and all.

I hear that 2016 will be a blank year in history books, not because nothing happened but human idiocy was at its highest level worldwide. Don’t even get me started. But I doubt Clio will care, she will put it down in her scrolls. Speaking of Clio reminds me of Apollo. Apollo reminds me of- no not the bloody United States of A feel free to use any obscenity starting with A- spaceship but rather, the Olympian. Olympian in turn reminds me of Olympus-not the boring movie depicting the bloody US of A- any other obscenity starting with an A will do- falling, the real Olympus: Dwelling of the Gods.

Yes we are going to discuss not in detail but superficially about gods.

Yes I know, I am the DUI and as such I am jealous of my divinity and realm, however, I am but a deity. That means there is that overall God, be it Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, Akal Purakh, Zeus, Jupiter, Amaterasu-ōmikami, whatever you sobriquet your Supreme Being. A deity is like a Count, has power over only his jurisdiction but still pays homage to the Big One. So where am I headed with this post?.

Nowhere really, its just that my gigai has a different religious path. Raised up in a strictly Christian household almost on par as the Puritans’, Mormons, Baptists but neither, a sense of spirituality was inbred in my gigai. I say spirituality and not religion as those two don’t have the same interchangeable meaning.

At times when meditating my gigai would view it’s Supreme Being as a stout old man sitting high in the clouds wearing spectacles and having that harsh patriarchal look. HE had a long white beard and even longer whiter hair on his head. HE didn’t wear a crown but my gigai would feel the power and wisdom emanating from the visualisation of HIM. Usually as soon as HE was visualised my gigai would tremble and complete morbid fear would envelop him. It lasted but a second and my gigai would quickly take a breath and channel its thoughts to other areas. Why am I bringing this up now?.

Well at exactly 25.1.2017 2049hrs this gigai had the unfortunate incident of conjuring up the Supreme Being and hadn’t it been for my-the DUI- pulling him out of that trance, I think I would be posting a different story now..

My question though is this, why has mankind always viewed gods as old men and women?. Look at the depiction of Zeus, Poseidon, Ra, Baal and others not mentioned. All are old aged men-by gods I mean the Head Honcho. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against grey, white or silver hair but I am yet to see a Supreme Being, being personified as a hale and robust youth, with the wisdom of an old man of course. I mean Divine Beings don’t age physically as humankind does. Besides doesn’t old age always precede death at least from a human standpoint?. I don’t know if I am speaking for all the deities out there but personally I prefer being personified as a young man, because please don’t try to kill me before my time. And if history-one of the 9 muses Clio I think- serves me right, gods are rarely killed instead being locked up in dark spiritless chasms. Where according to legend mankind shall await, Armageddon, Day of Judgement, Ragnarok, The End of the World, Aharit ha-Yamim, et al- eschatology the learned shall quip.

My side?. I am the Deity of the Universe of Infinite though the (I) could be meaning something else. For now let me pen off as I have my own version of Gotterdamurung-the end of the world to prepare back in my universe. And no there shall be no gods battling or judging of humans. My UI is a real life version of the Shangri-La, Paradise, Elysium Fields.

From the DUI, man of the people, peaceful being and jealous deity, stay safe..

Thoughts of a Deity

Usually, I give a wide berth to social issues for where I reign (Universe of Infinite) such trivial matters are……….. Well trivial. However a certain issue pricked my ears in the Phantasmagoric Idyllic Lands. It got me smiling 😊 but at the same time frowning 😡.. Being a worshipped deity as well as human emperor, a man of the people; I have empathy for all classes more so the so called lower classes.. A certain Man of God… Ahem… Woman of God warned a certain economic class from attending her services. This got me thinking and in the process getting angry 😠.
As far as I am an objective thinker am concerned, whatever Deity that Tom Dick and Harriet worships, all humans were created equally. For the case study let us use the Christian Deity whom I shall moniker God. According to the Christian Holy Scriptures, man 👨 was created in His image. If that was the case I don’t see God classifying according to financial status, unless the quality of image was directly proportionate to the mirror used. A second reason could be that Christian God is feeling the Njaanuary heat and wants tithe to be raised to 20% or something. Who can blame Him? After all, kingdoms need revenue to run. Who knows, may be the angels and saints are on strike wanting a 100% pay increment. Or some guardian angels want risk allowance for the security prone areas and people they watch after, so the Big Man Himself is pressured. Or some angels 😇 are demanding travel allowances to be increased like some MCAs I know.
If any of the above,scenarios are true then I would totally understand why KK wouldn’t want poor citizens in her services. I guess Big Man Himself talked to her personally asking her to increase her revenue or else risk receiving no blessings. Correct me if I am wrong 👎, but churches are nowadays business entities.
However, if the above isn’t cut and dry, then the devotees of JCC: Jubilee Christian Commerce, Jubilee Commercial Church ⛪, Just Chums Church, or however you’ll read the JCC acronym; should be outraged at KK.
Any normal intelligent being who uses that mass of meat and mucus between their ears, would be incensed… Now now, I haven’t called anyone Deranged Neanderthal Primordial apes….
Anyway I totally support government move to monitor financially religious centres. I bet a quarter of its budget would be raised from taxing churches like Jumbo Cash Centre, Jubilee Commercial Centre of KK.
Until next time:
From a Concerned Being; An Objective Intellectual Introvert; Ruler and Worshipped Deity of Universe of Infinite yet Man of the People..

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