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Subconscious Manifestations aka Dreams

What are dreams?. The dictionary defines dreams as: A series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep.

Here are various, definitions of dreams though: Matriachly, Dreams are an evil medium of communication. Personally, Dreams are an escape/ medium of interrealm interastral transport & communication. Religiously, Dreams are a medium of communication. Scientifically, Dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious.

Dreams are said are hard to remember?. I beg to differ on that point. Dreams are said to happen during REM sleep or rapid eye movement. During non-REM sleep one doesn’t dream. I have nothing to say on that point though. I may be the exception though on remembering dreams. I am basically a light sleeper. I happen to know what is always going on around me. When I wake up the recorder of dreams in me starts to download the dream to my brain but it usually needs a trigger to remember it. At times I will wake up knowing what the dream was but other times an external trigger is needed.

What is that trigger? You ask. Well ironically enough it is nothing but an everyday object or activity. Like today I had an epic dream and I woke up in that state but I just couldn’t remember it. So I stayed on the bed trying to remember though not too hard. Reason being I know the nature of my trigger is a simple everyday thing. So as I sat on the bed, the wind blew my curtains and it all came back to me. WIND was the trigger. What was the dream about?.

Before I begin, I beg you to please put my definition of dream and combine it with the scientific explanation. Then please note that of late I have started watching anime and reading both manga and manhwa. As of the moment I am reading on Kurosaki Ichigo.

My dream now. Well I will give you a clip. I happened to have some enemies targeting me for what, I don’t know. All I know is that they weren’t your normal bad guys but rather ones having powers that humans don’t have. I was taken under protection by the good guys with such powers. I too exhibited these powers. Anyway I happened to be captured by a three man cell and they tortured me by trying to turn me into a Reyko-Kabal human machine (Mortal Kombat). At one time I was even given the option of deciding whether they use an acid as an antiseptic or whether they cauterise my wound with a flame thrower. I said neither and using my wind affinity I tried to blow them away. Funny enough I remember Hinata Hyuuga using her Protection of Eight Trigrams to protect me. It was then I remembered I was targeted because of my high affinity to the elements. I had powers akin to an avatar only way more stronger. Meaning if say a fire controller was to attack me. The fire 🔥 would instead obey me.. That was why I was being targeted..

I wish to continue with the dream but that will do for now.. See, dreams can be remembered but unfortunately I don’t dream all the time. I have a dream journal whose concept I copied from Shark Boy and Lava Girl. I write down my dreams because it is now a habit and old habits die hard. Besides it is good to know what you secretly desire. I have had so many secret desires, the main one being having the ability to fly, and ironically in 70% of my dreams I do fly though I exhibit my acrophobic nature too.. I mean fly without wings just naturally breaking the law of gravity.

So next time you have a dream, as soon as you wake up, quickly jot it down and you will be amazed at what you desire or fantasize. Till another time, ciao and keep on dreaming..

Subconscious Manifestations of Resident of Phantasmagoria and Citizen of Dream Land; Upper 1st Tier Diamond Stand

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