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Going through My Mental, Virtual, Face Book friend lists and what do I find? Nothing but me wasting space on non-existent people… So anyway, I am supposed to be preparing for my exams on say this Monday but I find it much better to blog (stress free) besides I am not the class genius for nothing, now am I? I’d rather listen to old school trance while doing my assignment- I wonder how I would live if the likes of my two favourite DJs didn’t exist- that being Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto? Thank God they were born…

Back in my day (Being The Count I assume you can deduce I am but The Original OF THE FRIENDLY NON-BLOOD VAMPIRES EXISTING ALONGSIDE HUMANS) we didn’t have the luxury of such music for obvious reasons THERE WAS NO ELECTRICITY… Anyway Let me stop there for now because my two adopted children Gallus gallus Uno and Gallus gallus Duo are craving for my attention…

Volume One of The Count’s Saying’s

Did someone call me #shy? I beg to differ, I am selectively social if you bore me am quiet, if I’m interested I’m quiet so what’s so hard?

I am not a #narcissistic being but I do love myself cause no one will love me the way I love myself

#Objectivity is a self-preservation tactic of #introverts. #Subjectivity is a self-propelling tactic of #extroverts

#Criticism from a dog is better than #flattery from a leopard.

In #Life #Unity without diversity leads to boredom n monotony.

#Diversity w/out unity leads to war and pieces.Human #Life is an effigy of dreams- burning up in smoke.

Withdrawal is a self-preservation tactic of snails, clams, turtles, tortoises and shy/introverted humans.

The #wind of change is stopped by the #walls of conservatives.

It is nearly impossible to hear a leaf fall in the forest but it isn’t impossible to see good in someone.

#Happiness is like a drug- you need it to live, you suffer withdrawal effects.

#Solitude is the strongest fortress of all. #Words are a powerful weapon but #silence an effective shield.

When you hear a door bang- either an #opportunity has entered or left the room.

#Friendship is a sensitive area- keep your enemies close but watch your friends still.

After weather, man is a very unreliable thing. After earthquakes man is a very destructive force.

The most precious thing after #Life is #Time. Time is a human want, insatiable, limited et al.

The only constant thing in #Life is change.

#Life is an 8-lane superhighway busy and fast, but you should create your own bicycle path to ride leisurely

After the banalities, come the finalities. After the PARTY it’s time to PART. A time to say hi and time to wave bye.

Human #Life is an effigy of dreams- burning up in smoke.

Emptiness doesn’t necessarily mean lack of something, it can also mean ‘filled up by/with the wrong thing’.

In Life Romance is an armed mine, willingly stepped on & Marriage is an Island of emotion surrounded by expenses.

A quick #Nap to the #Body is a set of #Wings to the #Mind.

In #Life The #Future belongs to those who prepare for it #Today.

The #Ultimate form of #Love in #Life is loving and not being loved back or loving thankless people.

#Trust is stronger than Covalent bond. Yet its easiest 2 break. It’s also a mirror, once cracked the reflected image will never be the same.

#Matriachly, #Dreams are an evil medium of communication.#personally, #Dreams are an escape/ medium of interrealm interastral transport & communication.#religiously, #Dreams are a medium of communication.#scientifically, #Dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious.

There are times when #Life is like a hamster wheel, times it rides you, time it sails with you, flies past you,

#Life is but a short sprint between the incubator and the coffin.

Just as a spider spins its web n lives in it, you too spin your dreams n live in/thru them as long as it isn’t Penelope’s Web.

Living #Life is as easy as finding the area of a triangle- it depends on the formula used: hero’s, 1/2BH or Sin Cos Tan.

The Homo Genus is the only taxa that theorises and then does practicals. The rest of the 5 kingdoms have no such luxury.

When #Life promises you a wedding, dress 4 a funeral, if it promises to catch u n the way down, u better have an independent parachute.

Want to hear Rhythm of #Life, grab a #Stethoscope. Want to see below the facts get a #Bathyscaphe.Looking4 hope/higher view use a periscope. Looking for fun/creative side of #Life, use a kaleidoscope. Want your stars read use a HORRORSCOPE.Looking 4 perfection, use a microscope. Want mistakes & faults, use a mirror. Want to have friends, use a telescope to see their faults.

A #Rainbow has 7 colours, so does #Life have its moments- happy, sad, good, bad, work, leisure, pleasure, and business, enjoy it while you can.

Friends should be like oxpeckers, they stick close by & can be a nuisance at times- but in reality they actually help you by removing harmful ticks.

In #Life when between the Devil and the deep blue sea, Choose the sea for you might get a Lifeboat of Lesson, Ocean Liner of Opportunity, Raft of Reason.

Man is the master chameleon on earth. Pretentious yet pretending not to be pretentious.

#People ask for help in different ways. Silently, loudly, directly, in a roundabout way, consciously, subconsciously. Listen closely and help.

#Feelings of unworthiness are in the same league as jealousy, rage grief & sadness they smoulder and consume you from the inside.

#Death is an inevitable part of #Life, why then is mankind surprised when people die?

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