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My Thoughts on Depression

Depression. Who would have thought that such a mature or grown up disease would trickle down to me?. I am neither old nor mature.. I think this diseases are lacking moving targets. I’m sure next someone would tell me I have type a diabetes and cancer.. Lemme be a traditional African and say that these illnesses are for the rich and the whites..
Away from that, someone told me that I am suffering from depression.. Well I don’t know about that but I do know myself better than anyone else does.. So depression? Nuh uh.. For the sake of argument though lemme agree to that statement..
Now why would I be depressed?. Is it because of late I prefer lazing in the house and not going out? Or is it my sudden lack of enthusiasm in what I used to love doing?. Or is it my lethargic nature?. Answer to the first question is, I’m an introvert. As am introvert my me time is next to none. It is held at a glorious perch away from other activities that would ordinarily taint it. According to Darwin, evolution takes place so I evolved from whatever I was to a hikikomori.. Besides, it is only at my home that I cam get in touch with my inner self and have discussions, debates, arguments, word duels in a safe place away from judging eyes and ears.
Question two, the answer is its a phase. Didn’t we all pass through certain phases in life?. I know I didn’t and that’s why they are catching up to me now.. Yes I loved drawing, I loved reading, I loved writing, loved animals, basically I LOVED.. Emphasis on the word loved. But they were all passing phases, leaving me mainly an empty shell.. Ah well, something new shall fill the vacuum..
Lastly, yeah I had high and still do have high energy levels. Its just that these days, my primary reserves have dwindled to dangerously low levels. As to my back up reserves, they are just that, back up. Besides why would I need energy when all I do is stay in the house?. My mental energy is more than enough to push me through the day..
Yes I can hear you quite clearly. He is in the first stage, denial. Anyway that is just your opinion which fortunately doesn’t count in this universe. Well even if you are right, what do I do?. Talk to a close family member?. Well me and family aren’t bed mates you know.. A friend, you suggest?. Everyone has there own problems, so no one really gives a hoot about you silly problems.. More so in this age and era.. A professional, do I hear?. Well as the name suggests, it wont be for free, besides why spend that money on a professional while I can just Google the cure?. Anyway even if I did have someone to talk to, all other factors withstanding, lets just say that my defensive nature will kick in; namely introvert nature.. Why would I tell you my problems?. Am I sick?. I think this is the only time I accept that I will be depressed, talking my heart out. What a laugh.. I will leave that to my fellow subjective species the extroverts. For me lemme just rant and rave in a round about manner and get the calm I desire.. Till next time.. Take care and don’t be depressed..
PS, this was just for argument purposes. I am not depressed.. A depressed person wouldn’t be as lively as radioactive potassium ion..


Every time I play Hill Climb Racing and I happen to be climbing a really steep hill, the phrase “nyan cat” always escapes my mouth, I wonder why..
Yes this is another of the Deity of the Universe of Infinite posts.. Well I created myself in June- please don’t ask how I did that for a deity never tells his secrets.. This June was exceptionally good towards me, some would say the planets were properly aligned. I will say I made the planets align themselves, that is the power as a deity that I have. I decided to come down from my castle in the sky, on cloud nine using a rainbow path that Silver Mane my High Horse galloped down it to the earth. And yes I did find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I returned it to its rightful owner who was a small green man. By the way he handed me a five leaf clover am I super lucky or what?. Though as a deity I really don’t need it. I kept it as a memento.
Back to the story at hand, during the ides of June I volunteered for a certain cause and man did I have fun. Now I understand why my Greek predecessors loved leaving the heavens and coming down to mingle with the common folk.
Other than doing and giving my best, I managed to make three friends quite unwittingly. One of them dared challenge me; a deity, to a spoken duel using my preferred lexicon. Naturally the being lost but we ended up being friends. Now I noticed this habit amongst you earthlings, especially the Venetian sub species. Why do you always work, walk in pairs?. Not that I am complaining.. Anyway at least the Martian sub species don’t have that type of behaviour. Whoever penned that no man is an island should have said no woman is an island. And no I am not being chauvinistic at all.. But really men can survive alone exception being Adam.. But ladies are always in twos, threes, et al.
Strayed again, so I made this friend amongst the humans Venetian subspecies and then another and finally another.. In the end I got three for the price of one.. Not that I am complaining because now the four of us are like La Familia.. Three sisters and a brother.. And no I didn’t coin that phrase, before it was three ladies and a gent.. I think the latter sounds like a romance novel..
The best part was the being who had dared challenge Deity of the Universe of Infinite, was created the following day after I self created.. Meaning she was born a day later.. How awesome is that?. Now as you have correctly deduced I am so not planning to lose my new family that is connected not by blood but by water and friendship. As much as you humans say blood is thicker than water; in my universe there exists friends sticking closer than a brother.. So until next time’s rant and rave, take care..
PS: La Familia will have a dinner very soon. I Deity of the Universe of Infinite shall definitely tell you how it went. I definitely know it will be way better than Saturday Evening Meet (refer to previous post). And as an introverted being I will survive the evening on the little power that my antisocial battery has left

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