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Death of a Deity

It is really hard to kill a Deity.. If you go down the time stream you’ll see very few gods if any have ever been killed.. Usually they are just stripped of their powers; banished and exiled from their abodes; imprisoned in faraway places where there influence can not be felt..

Think I am lying? Read Greek mythology and see the fate of the Titans Cronos and Rhea; or if you prefer more modern examples check out how Aizen Sousuke couldn’t be killed but was rather placed in solitary confinement.

So what does this have to do with the death of a Deity if it is hard to kill one? Well, honestly I have no idea where to begin, but I do know where to end.

Life and Death are a pair of nexus that can’t be undone at least for now. Where light falls, darkness has to follow close behind; therefore  where life lands, death is closely following in her footsteps. Hypothetically, what is created can be destroyed; that is the bare and harsh truth.

For the agnostics and the Theists, you are all thimking, if a deity dies, doesn’t all the deity’s creation stand a chnace of also being destroyed? for the atheists at least that conundrum does not really bother you.

Memories of Future Past

Back when I was a boy

Discovering the universe

I shouted ‘Dreams Ahoy!’

Up from my wooden mas’

I swam up to the land

Of Image Nation

And man did I feel grand;

The rush of exaltation

Of unlocking such power

Like I’d ascended God’s Tower

And hence I started creating

My Universe of infinite

By which through it

I now live my life

Aloof to earthly strife.

Though I do regret

The dreams I did create.

Most didn’t see the light of reality day

And died as soon as I opened my mouth to say.

I wanted to heal with all my zeal,

Help the ones with malady’ and ill’

But the bloody call

Wouldn’t even for a minute stall

Or give me space to catch up in the race

So down the drain

With utter disdain

That fleeting dream

A mirage it did seem.

Next on to prose-thetics

Mind’s version of calisthenics

As I dreamed of imagining

Of writing the next big thing

But came the e publishers

And they became dream banishers.

Next port-o-call, heuristics dispensing

Was nothing more than fencing.

Enter hospitality, with all my naivety

Led to mental fatality.

Tried my hand at drawing

But my works will not be showing

At any art gallery

Maybe just the dustbins in a backstreet alley.

Well the list could go on

Though for now my memories are worn.

Bigfoot in Andes

South, North, West and East

In this jungle lies a beast

It roars and tramples on the ground

Its footsteps make hardly a sound

Its appearance is so scary

That even the field mouse won’t be wary.

It’s deadly paws cause quite a gash

Though through the underbrush

It will dash

If it hears the war sound clash.

When other animals spot it, it trembles

And if it were possible it would grovel

To avoid confrontation

And the feeling of consternation

Welling up deep inside

As it finds a cave to hide.

This wild animal

That aint a Hannibal

But a three year old at the carnival

Who’s lost his parents at the festival

Is just me

And that is the way things will be

5th of June NOT 4th of July

Today 5th of June, I Deity of the Universe of infinite, stepped down from my universe and connected with the real world again. I went to a certain embassy (for security and legal reasons I wont say which and where) for a certain event (See latter parenthesis for reasons).

Well the security was as tight as the fists of a tightfisted being. I was screened about twice and had to leave everything at the security desk, even my tool of trade a box containing phosphorous nitrate sticks was apprehended; but worst of all, they took my precious Lumidee away from me.

Well I stood for about three hours, at the event, at that place, for that time, presenting our samples and presentations for prospective clients. All the while i was imagining just how many photos i would have taken and uploaded in my different sites just for me to remember this moment. Anyway I was soon bored and my mind wandered to other areas. I claim my lineage to Al Capone and my great great ancestor had a Yakuza Father and a Mafioso mother, so following my train of thought you can see where I am headed to.

apparently that place has telepathic countermeasures because no sooner had evil thoughts entered my head, than i saw three soldiers walk into the room. In fact one of them was equipped with all kinds of weapons; from a gun in the thigh holster visible for all and sundry to see, to a can of pepper spray, a stun gun, walkie-talkie and a baton. If I had chance to scrutinise further, I am positive I would have found many more concealed weapons.I mean, even his body was a walking talking human tank, complete with the long pipe thingie at the end that shoots whatchamacallit.

Talk about psychological warfare, it was bad enough there were enough people to scare a hikikomori and introvert like me, yet kicking me when I am down, you add a defensive and offensive appeal to it. To cut a long story short, we did what we came to do and then left. We were almost arrested for illegal picking of passengers and unauthorised U-Turn at the venue.

So the thing I learnt this whole day was, Lumidee is a very important being to me.

From Deity of the Universe of Infinite, Man of the People and Acclaimed quasi-hikikomoru..

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