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5th of June NOT 4th of July

Today 5th of June, I Deity of the Universe of infinite, stepped down from my universe and connected with the real world again. I went to a certain embassy (for security and legal reasons I wont say which and where) for a certain event (See latter parenthesis for reasons).

Well the security was as tight as the fists of a tightfisted being. I was screened about twice and had to leave everything at the security desk, even my tool of trade a box containing phosphorous nitrate sticks was apprehended; but worst of all, they took my precious Lumidee away from me.

Well I stood for about three hours, at the event, at that place, for that time, presenting our samples and presentations for prospective clients. All the while i was imagining just how many photos i would have taken and uploaded in my different sites just for me to remember this moment. Anyway I was soon bored and my mind wandered to other areas. I claim my lineage to Al Capone and my great great ancestor had a Yakuza Father and a Mafioso mother, so following my train of thought you can see where I am headed to.

apparently that place has telepathic countermeasures because no sooner had evil thoughts entered my head, than i saw three soldiers walk into the room. In fact one of them was equipped with all kinds of weapons; from a gun in the thigh holster visible for all and sundry to see, to a can of pepper spray, a stun gun, walkie-talkie and a baton. If I had chance to scrutinise further, I am positive I would have found many more concealed weapons.I mean, even his body was a walking talking human tank, complete with the long pipe thingie at the end that shoots whatchamacallit.

Talk about psychological warfare, it was bad enough there were enough people to scare a hikikomori and introvert like me, yet kicking me when I am down, you add a defensive and offensive appeal to it. To cut a long story short, we did what we came to do and then left. We were almost arrested for illegal picking of passengers and unauthorised U-Turn at the venue.

So the thing I learnt this whole day was, Lumidee is a very important being to me.

From Deity of the Universe of Infinite, Man of the People and Acclaimed quasi-hikikomoru..

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