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The Diva

Universe of infinite

Ages past, years come and go,

She was born ‘pon the hill

from a baby to a strong young woman she did grow

and to her fill she did with

her iron will. always on the move never still.

never tiring. never backracking

though once she did but continued with youthful vigour.

whatever in her path she was attacking

or displacing as she grew bigger.

but like everything else ; the bigger the weaker

For now she started slowing.

Age old advancing.

silently she’s cursing for all nw are laughing.

hey her hey day is gone, when she was at her zenith

Fighting with her nails and teeth.

woe begone, those were the days.

Now only was her ‘wedding’ train

that sometime spilled over when it begun to rain. this is the story of a river

reminiscing when she was THE DIVA

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