The Count VII site

Limericks of Today

There was a man called Felicien
Who called his physician
To treat him and be healed
Then he had the doctor killed
For no real good reason…

The man called Bin Laden
To the world was such a burden
So on May Second
He reached Life’s end
And the terror load was slightly lightened…

A youth named Matheri
Thought he was related to a fairy
Making him drink human blood
And caused quite a flood
Of consternation, causing all to be wary..

The death of Samuel Wanjiru
A celebrated running hero
Made the athletes
Have panic fits
Making the country win zero…

The existence of ISIS
No relation to Osiris
With bloody pomp and fanfare
Killed here and there
Disrupting Syrian Bliss…

Come Chicken Gate Scandal
Too big for a country to handle
Exposing corruption
In the Body of Election
EACC’s biggest hurdle…

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