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Difficult to see, difficult to say,
These thoughts in my mind they do sway,
Should you vacate, should you stay,
For I can’t tolerate this directionless way,
That you wander
Throwing things asunder,
The way you seem to go,
Tossed to and fro
Hither and thither like a raft in the raging waves,
As numerous as the souls in all the graves,
Are your signals.
Today you green, tomorrow red,
Last week alive, next week dead,
This you be smart, that you be blonde.
You’ll be above and beyond
When I try to respond,
Getting you to to see my perspective,
Leads you to be too introspective.
So I’ll literally be reflective,
Until the directive,
To be human once again
Shall be ordered and you return to be sane.
For I’ve reached my limit,
As MJ said, I’m about to beat it,
Turn you from lover to nodding acquaintance,
For you’ll not drop your ever defensive stance
I’m a human I will wait
But don’t procrastinate until its too late
For soon I’ll be gone
And you’ll treasure being alone..


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