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I’d just like to elucidate,
How my feelings manifest,
Don’t think I should illustrate
Or is it better I demonstrate?
So to it my mind will set,
Annotate, or complicate?
So my love I’ll substantiate.
All the above means I’ll explain,
That my feelings, I’ll not feign.
For in my heart do you reign.
Inch by inch I hope yo gain
Foothold in your cardiac zone.
Then lodge in that niche
And grow like oak from acorn;
Such geometric progression,
Do I want to reach
And attain your affection
In relation to my attention.
To sum it up all,
To you I make this call,
In love with you am bout to fall,
Knowing very well
Being with you can I tell,
It ain’t a trip to Asphodel,
The only field down in Hell,
Rather it is Elysian Plains,
Where death, old age and pains,
Aren’t existing,
So no resisting, what am presenting……


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