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Going through My Mental, Virtual, Face Book friend lists and what do I find? Nothing but me wasting space on non-existent people… So anyway, I am supposed to be preparing for my exams on say this Monday but I find it much better to blog (stress free) besides I am not the class genius for nothing, now am I? I’d rather listen to old school trance while doing my assignment- I wonder how I would live if the likes of my two favourite DJs didn’t exist- that being Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto? Thank God they were born…

Back in my day (Being The Count I assume you can deduce I am but The Original OF THE FRIENDLY NON-BLOOD VAMPIRES EXISTING ALONGSIDE HUMANS) we didn’t have the luxury of such music for obvious reasons THERE WAS NO ELECTRICITY… Anyway Let me stop there for now because my two adopted children Gallus gallus Uno and Gallus gallus Duo are craving for my attention…


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