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What’s the purpose, what’s the reason,

To plant & await the harvesting season?

Seeds are lousy, earth is dry

Sun is scorching up on high.

Makes me think makes me wonder

Which is worse, sunshine or thunder?

One brings heat, one means rain,

One is poison other is medicine

One can kill the other can heal.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

One child’s sorrow is another’s pleasure.

It all depends on the side of the coin

That you fall in, wittingly or unwittingly.

But, all this philosophising

Leads to an emotional uprising;

Turmoil on home soil

For my mind does toil

With all these emotions.

I wish they were but potions

To be drunk at needed times

Or else just shut them all

And be left emotionless,

Loveless and hateless

Wouldn’t that be better,

Than to be bound by these fetter’

Called human feeling?

I’ve just committed treason

In the Sapiens kingdom

So take me home to dine with Persephone

Go to masquerades

With my partner Hades,

On the Styx will I pass,

Dog walking Cerberus

Down to earth, I’ll be gone

Literally, on a canoe rowed by Charon

On to the Asphodel

The only field down in “Hell”

This is my demise but it isn’t a surprise

For I attained my prize

Of eating the forbidden poisoned apple.


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