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In The beginning The world was,

And the world was with me

And the world was me.

Who am I kidding by corrupting this clause?

John One : one

Isn’t meant for just anyone.

Only in my universe am I the world

Where I’m most wanted not only by the Feds,

The Whites and The Reds,

The Leftist and Rightists,

By all the right activists.

I am the ultimate champion of any ideology

Wanted by all dismissed by none,

From Romulus to Paris

Adored By Prometheus and Thetis

Loved by Athena and Oenone

But do I really want that?

I mean let’s travel up the time stream

When I used to have many a dream

But none of which lead me to the present state

For all my choices I do regret

All good and bad

All the happy and sad

Dreaming of being a caduceus presenter,

A Wright wing man

A Doctor Dolittle

Being a man who lets his vanity take hold of his greed temporarily

Meaning a byerumdylobezd sipping mohitos under the Hawaii sun

Whiling life away on the southern beaches of the flower state

But now of such things am a ‘resenter’

For now am the fox calling sour grapes

Or could I be but a dissenter

Of life’s many pleasures and sorrows?

I really do envy the apes

Our Primate cousins, leaving an easy life

Swinging from tree to tree with not a care

In the world, except may I dare

Say playing second fiddle to the highest creation on Terra

Mother Nature’s sentient terror?

SO many dreams, so little time, so little resources,

So many people, So little care, very few can help, EVEN LESS WANT TO HELP



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