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Death By Life

11pm- outside 2 shadows moved slowly dragging a box 2 a parked car. They pull owt something n fix it 2 the car n vanish.
Somewhere else a group of men jimmied open a Rover Sports, got in and left it 5 min l8r.
A third place a red Merc pulled out of da driveway in2 a w8n lorry. 10 min l8r it was re-parked.

Kevin gulpd hs tea as da bus hooted loudly 4 da 3rd tym. He snatchd hs bag kisd hs mum n flew owt jus getin in da bus b4 it left. He put n da most angelic smyl as da driver glared at hm.
Kevin was a tall n thin youth bt he was strng. Chocl8 brwn colour n smal deft hands lyk a ladies. He was always sportin a wyt tee and black slacks. Not into girls bt in2 hs wak. He sat next 2 a short gal hu was watchn hm.
Once n xul they dashd 2 class wea the professor was w8n with a line of mannequins. Each took 1 headin to their workstation. They were to dress up the models. Kevin’s mannequin was leanin to da ryt and he got fed up afta 3 tries.
He bent it to da left.
He looked around wonderin wea da noîse came from. He lookd at da model. He turnd wyt as colour drained away as he realisd wat it was.
‘RUN!! There’s a bomb in here!’ He shouted. The others screamd wid five jumping out by the window. The others rushd to the door.
He tried 2 run bt his trousers’ belt were jammed on the drawing table. He fumbled with the belt n stopped.
He screamed loudly then-



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