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‘Welcome to CNN. You are with me Madge Swits and Tek Williams. About 30 min ago 4 xplosions tore the city. The 1st went off at 10:01 am in the Stentworth Miller School of Art Fashion Music and Design. A student died,’ Madge began.
‘At 10:03am Runda wea the Internal Security Minîster dwells was the next site. He and hs 3 bodyguards got in the Range Rover which blew up upon ignition. The 4 died n the spot.’ Tek took over.
’10:06am and Muthangari wea the Ikolomani MP stays was hit. His mercedes blew up 20 metres away but he survived and was rushd to Nairobi Hospital. Then at 10:29am the final 1 blew up in Lavington Estate where the EAC Minister resides. His Passat blew up but fortunately no 1 was nearby.’
Tek cleared his throat, ‘Security has been tightened around the city. News just in- seconds ago the homes of Foreign Affairs and State Development in Nakuru and Kisumu have also been affected. We will bring you more as the story unfolds.’
Lucy sighed, ‘So much for peace and tranquility.’
She flipped to another station, ‘Our reporter Stephen Voski is in Riara where thd world famous school of has its regional base. Stephen.’
‘Thank you Eric. According to eyewitnesses the deceased Kevin Wafula was the 1 who warned the rest. However he remained back raising eyebrows. Did he set it off? Or was he trying to be a hero? We are proud to be the first house n the site. Speak of the-‘
Lucy watchd as Tek and Madge appeared behind Stephen. She shut off the telly and sat back thinking.

‘Tek n Madge prepare 4 a newsflash,’ the news editor to5d da 2 as they got in. They were directed 2 da Chief’s office where they watchd a video. Madge watched in horra, gasping 2ce at da threats. Tek watchd then advised the chief nt 2 play it on t.v. In response the telly was put on:
‘Minutes ago we received a videotape-‘
‘This is BCC. Minutes ago an unidentified videotape was dropped-‘
‘Eric Shimzy 4 WHUP TV where minutes ago-‘
‘ATN received an anonymous package containing-‘
‘Even radio stations,’ Madge said putting on the stereo next to her. Sure enuf all da radio stations were reporting on the tape.
Tek shook his head, ‘As long as CNN does not relay the news it will nt b valid. People trust us to give them news.’
Chief stared then asked, ‘What’s your plan?’
As if on cue a knock was heard on the door. A delivery boy handed Tek an unmarked white envelope. Tek took out his wallet and gave the boy some notes making him grin.
Just as Tek broke the seal, the door and in walked a young european woman followd by three other tall men. They all had guns in their hands.
‘We are agents from DSID. Your are holding classified information,’ the woman said holding out a badge.

Lucy strugld 2 untie ha bonds. She had ovaheard da video shooting. The knots cut deepa in2 ha wrists. She stopd remembering that she always cut 1 o ha nails in an upturnd V shape. The rope was polyester n she strugld 2 get ha pinkie finga in position. Afta twenty minutes the rope gave way.She restd 4 a min b4 putin ha finga dwn ha cleavage n withdrawin a SIM card. It was sharpend at 1 end n she used dt end 2 cut the other knots. 5 min later circulation was restord n she got up headin 2 da door. It was lockd bt thru da peep hole she kud c da key.She lookd round da rum n saw a mag on a woodn table. A wire was next 2 da table. She grabd both n went 2 da door pushn da mag unda da door. The wire she insertd in da keyhole n joggled it until da key fel n da mag. She puld it keafuli n 2k da key- ready to open the door.THEN SHE STOPPED!!Lucy lookd round the rum. It had a table, the chair where she was tied dwn 2 n a window hy up in da ceiling. She shook ha head, took da key n lockd haself in jamming the wire in the hole. She realisd what was wrng. Footsteps headed 2 da door frm the outside.’She’s gne n taken da key wid ha. 4lw ha n kil ha,’ Whitney shouted. 3 other pairs of footsteps wa heard retreatin as the door knob was turnd.She sat n the chair trying 2 figa ha next course of action. Ha gaze fell n the window wich was 2 high 4 ha 2 reach. She dragd the table n stood n it- stil 2 high. She put the chair n it but was just out of reach. After 2 more attempts she gave up.She froze when two gun shots resounded outside the door. Another shot n the lock fell off. She watchd in shock as her friend Sean walked in aiming his gun straight at her head…


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