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he bell rang n ol bt 2 boys rushd out. The 2 wa da same height. 1 ws brown with specs n quite shy bt very smart. Da ada was slightly darker more talkative n popular with ladies. CK was the shy one and James the outgoing bt they were good friends. The 2 put away their bux n joind da lunch line. The trays wa placed n da belt. CK 2k a Sprite, fudge pudding an apple n noodles. James had strawberry yorghurt 2 oranges n a plate o fries. They headed 2 an empty table. A young girl donning frameless spectacles sat next to CK.
‘Hi Rose,’ he confirmed her presence. She nodded at James. Rose was your average caramel, gud front 2 back ratio gal. She was big bodied but not fat ’cause she was proportionate. They finishd up n headed to the field where they’d spend their afternoon. She sat between the 2 boys n startd chatting about the latest movie. CK as usual was quiet only chipping in his views when asked. Rose then showd off her newest jewellry which was a necklace wid a milky purple stone. CK stared at it n axd her what she thot it was.
‘Amethyst!’ she answered. He shook his head as he felt it. ‘No it isn’t that. It is Quartz- silicon (IV) oxide.’
‘Nkt!’ She clicked, ‘Ati now I am wearing ordinary glass!’
CK shook his head, ‘No! Not ordinary! I may be wrong bt it isn’t ordinary. Mind if i borrow it?’ He askd. She snatchd it away bt he gave her 6 brown notes grabbed it and rushd to da Chem lab. The other 2 watchd his hasty flight…

Rose and James waited for CK outside the large signpost that read Philipa High School. It was already a quarter past, yet there was no sign of him. 3 minutes later he showed up.
‘Okay that is weird,’ he said joining the 2. James lookd at him to continue.
‘Isn’t Lead the point where the proton to neutron ratio exceeds 1:1.5 hence radioactivity begins from there? Then how does that explain… No! Somethings not right.’ He continued. James askd him whether the whole time he had been in the lab. CK nodded deep in thought. He then asked Rose where she had bought the locket.
‘My cousin abroad sent it as a gift,’ she answered as they got in the waiting school bus.
‘So are you going to the school camp?’ James asked him. CK stared at Rose for further explanation which he got in the form of a leaflet. He read it thoroughly then nodded. He pulled out the necklace staring for long at it. As he turned it round he could have swore he saw a faint glow to it.

Phil Collins stepped out to resume the EVA. He rechecked his safety tether before venturing forth. He drifted sidewise to the crane where he connected his foot to the restraint.

He rechecked his safety tether before venturing forth. He drifted sidewise to the crane where he connected his foot to the restraint. For 5 mins he worked n the satellite as he heard the friendy chatter- over his inbuilt radio of his colleagues back in the station.
Just 3 more more shuttle payload deliveries before the ISS was complete. This was his 7th month away from earth. He gazed at the stars in awe as he reminisced how he had lost everything. A pinprick of light flashed yonder. He wondered what it was as he headed back.
After being acclimatized he joined the rest and told them of the light. They teased him and laughed. He tried to explain but they all laughed even harder. He saw it was useless and got up heading to his bunker.
A few minutes later a tense voice came over the PA:
‘We have a problem. Some of our vital instruments have stopped working. Radio communication is down.’

CK headed to his room and plopped into his bed. He put on his laptop and went to the information superhighway. Using Wikipedia he read everything about Silicon- yet he was still puzzled. Nikki his elder sister and guardian called him down for supper. He told her ’bout his day then switched on the television.
‘In other news ten crew members of Apollo 17 are stranded in space following breakdown in communication systems with Mission Control in Houston Texas. Technicians say the problem is from space and not Earth. However everything is being done to reconnect with the crew. Stay tuned to WHUP TV for the latest in business news.’
Nikki switched to another station as CK tried to imagine how cool it would be to be stranded anywhere.
‘First the Leonid Meteor Shower of last week. Then came the Solar Flares that are interrupting satellite comunications. That was followed by the Near Earth Asteroid Eros that broke the record by coming as close as ten million Km to earth. Now observatories in US have sighted a comet heading our way. Is this the Apocalypse? I will let you decide reporting for CNN this is Madge Swits.’


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