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The 5 men flinched n shudderd inwardly as they recalld the threats of returning empty handed. 4tnately they found out the place wea it was and wa w8n 4 total darkness.

At 11pm, shadows moved up da hillock 2 da lone housf at da top. 3 of em pried open a window n got in. Sme1 screamed then silence was preceeded by 2 shots. Minutes l8r da 3 came out draggin a large sack. A van backed up 2 da door enablin da sack 2 b thrown in. The van’s door was closed n it sped off.

The 3 shadows took sme hidden cans and poured the contents in n out of the house. 1 took a match, struck it, threw it in the buildin n ran 4 cover.

From a safe distance the shadows watched as the manor was licked up by the hungry flames. They then vanished- neva 2 return.

The luggage was dumped at the master’s feet. He pulled up the frail old man by his white hairs. A scanning device was passed over him. A beep was heard over his wrists. 2 men slashed his wrists and pulled out a small chip the size of a Micro SD memory card handing it over 2 their superior. He took the chip and placed it in an adapter which he inserted in a laptop.

He cursed out loud n turned angrily to the bleeding man. He shook him hardly as he demanded 4 something. Hades pitied the man and carried him away but after the old man smiled victoriously and whispered: ‘It is safe.’


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