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David sat back n listened as the lecturer dived into the scales of economics. His mind was afloat the Sea of Reverie as he wasn’t interested in business. He was only here for one purpose. He jerked back to reality when he heard movement of chairs as the others got up. He saw Her stand up, take her books and leave. Someone tapped his back lightly and he turned back to see his friend Stella watching him. He quickly thought of an excuse. ‘I was just admiring her mink coat,’ he lamely told her. Stella smiled as he got up and she whispered, ‘Go tell Nikki that you like her. She won’t bite.’ He turned a deaf ear to her quickly walking out of the hall. Stella caught up with him at the matatu stage and David asked her, ‘Are u free in the evening?’ She nodded, ‘What is the plot?’ ‘It’s been a while since we went to Yaya Centre.’ He told her. Stella shook her head, ‘That place is boring and anyway I am almost broke. Better u come to my place we finish watching Naughty by Nature.’ David grinned, ‘I will come with the chocolate popcorn and sodas. Okay with you?’ Stella nodded in reply. Her phone rang and she moved away to answer the call. David watched as a familiar silver BMW passed him. He then felt a queer sensation engulf him. It was as if he was n the threshold of Reality and Phantasmagoria. Then it hit him. His head throbbed violently ready to explode. Images swam around him as they took solid forms. He saw a BMW cruising at a high speed on a highway. Up ahead an eighteen-wheeler branched on to the main road right in front of the BMW. Persistent hooting, screech of brakes, burning rubber, loud scream and finally the ear-deafening BANG!!! He felt a hand support him. ‘David,’ someone said in a far off tone. His vision cleared quickly but the throbbing remained. He saw Stella holding him. ‘Are you okay?’ She asked concern in her voice. ‘You were just standing there, holding your head, swaying slightly.’ He looked round, ‘Was there n accident or something like that?’ She shook her head then said, ‘Apart from may be u nothing has happened. Are you sure your okay?’ David remained silent for a while then replied, ‘I just have a horrible pain.’ He stood up slowly then took his bag and boarded a waiting matatu. They alighted at Kwality and headed up 2 Kasuku Road. ‘We still on?’ Stella asked. He smiled widely, ‘No headache will stop me watching Naughty By Nature with you. Aaaaww! Stella is blushing.’ Stella pinched him hardly as she entered the gate. David waved at her heading a few metres ahead. At 5 David knocked on number 3. He rapped twice, rang thrice but still no answer. He took out his Jet and dialed Stella numbers. NO RESPONSE!! The minute turned half past and still no sign of Stella. He slumped down on the floor waiting. 6 P.M. He knocked 10 times n dialed 7 times. Still off the grid. David side as his Rolex turned the hour. He got up, dusted his jeans, collected the food basket and headed home. He started thinking of revenge as he prepared supper. At 9 he switched on the telly 4 Prime time news bulletin. ‘Shocking revelations of the just concluded World Cup. Paul Octopus found dead- believed to have drowned. Grisly road accident on Mombasa Road. Philip Onyancha mysteriously disappears. All this, coming up, on WHUP TV.’ David came to the sitting room, towel round his waist to listen to the revelations. ‘I know that Octopus was jus a pussy,’ he growled, ‘Everyone knows the Dutch won.’ He woke up ready to go when the next news item caught his eye. ‘Today M-Road was a no-go zone as a saloon car rammed into an 18-wheeler. Other cars then piled up causing a multiple car crash of 13 cars in total. Scores were injured with 2 dying n the spot. The 2 were students at Nairobi University. Nikki Mulwa n Stella Kimani―’ David froze on David froze on the spot. His head swimming, barely registering the rest of the news. His heart beat twice its rate as adrenaline surged thru his body. A figure loomed up behind him with a machete in its hand- same face as the 1 been displayed n the screen. David felt his presence n quickly turned round- a little too late. THWACK!!! Before he blacked out he felt warm liquid flow down his chest. ‘Was he gay or what?’ Inspector Willis asked looking at the body. The Scenes of Crime expert kept on with his work. ‘We have firmly established he is male,’ the scientist said. Willis shook his head, ‘It could be a case of homophobia.’ The officer got up and left. Inspector Willis looked at the deep gash that nearly decapitated the victim. He stared at the freshly manicured nails and the red pradas besides him. Traces of mascara on his eyebrows were evident. The eyeliner was still visible. The inspector sighed, yawned widely fighting off the drowsiness. He had received an anonymous call at 7 a.m. about a murder. Efforts were underway to trace him/her. ‘How the hell did those guys know?’ He cursed seeing journalists coming up to the crime scene. ‘Mark deal with them I’m off.’ He took his hat, baton and quickly vanished leaving his assistant to bare the brunt of the onslaught of questions. Lucy put down the cafetiere plunging herself in the sofa. She put on the telly and started flipping through channels. She stopped at WHUP TV. She was up at 4 a.m. finishing her assignments. ‘News just in straight from Nairobi. A young university student was found dead in his house after an anonymous tip off to the police. On site is our reporter Stephen Voski. Stephen.’ ‘Thank you Eric Shimzy. I am here in Hurlingham where three hours ago young David was found dead. The police have no leads or suspects yet. The strange thing however is the deceased was found in female make up thus making many believing he was gay. With that reasoning we can though not 100% conclude it was a homophobic murder. Back to you Eric.’ Something in Lucy’s subconscious struggled to fight the downward pressure to rise up. She flipped to another Kenyan station. ‘You are watching CNN-Chipmunk News Nest-work with your anchor man Tek Williams.’ Tek Williams appeared on the screen. He adjusted his spectacles then begun, ‘Earlier on at dawn the body of David a UoN student was discovered at his place in Hurlingham. Everyone is thinking of homophobia but independent investigations show that not to be. Research has it that there is a high chance David was suffering from DI―’ BLACKOUT!! Lucy cursed out loud as she wondered why of all times and places the electricity had to go. She kept on uttering as she searched for her torch. Her phone alarm came on startling her. She went and freshened up for class. She met up with her classmates as they got in the lecture hall. Two hours later Lucy left the hall very quickly rushing back to her room. The lights were back and she quickly put on the telly. All stations were blank or they displayed two words NO SIGNAL. She flipped through the other channels but no difference. Nearby a compass on the mantle when observed the needle was rotating occasionally. She put on the radio but still no frequency. She sighed then took up her books to do the assignment. Inspector Willis got up from his chair. The visitor watched as the Inspector gulped down coffee. He burped then faced him, ‘What or who is a metro sexual?’ the visitor cleared his throat, ‘That is a person who leads a sexually-gender double life. Like a man who admires and secretly dons female attire.’ ‘You say you are a psychologist? Well Mr. Inga sorry to say this but we are working from a homophobic point of view-’ ‘That is being pre-judgmental. Almost 99% of the population can not tolerate male homosexuals. That makes over 30 million suspects,’ Inga cut him off. Willis put down his cup and glared at the psychologist. The corner of his mouth twitched as he got up. ‘Excuse me for a moment.’ Willis took his baton and rod and left for the day. He did not want to discuss the case with a doctor. ‘Madge, come with me. Philip, contact chief and tell him we are off. Mary, tell Simon to stand in for the early evening news. Sally I need a driver and tell Dr. Mutiso I am coming,’ Tek shouted as he put on his black coat. A young girl in her early twenties briskly followed him outside. A red Mercedes pulled up the two and they got in. ‘UoN,’ Tek said. Madge sat on the edge of the seat. Tek eyed her for a moment then shut his eyes, humming to himself. The car got in the blue gate at Valley road. She quickly followed him outside holding a black notebook in her hand. She saw another reporter watching their arrival. ‘Too late boys we have scooped everything,’ Stephen said. Tek adjusted his specs and grinned, ‘So you think but anyway how will you broadcast the news with the sudden solar flares interfering with frequencies.’ Stephen’s smirk froze on his face. ‘Wipe that face before r the wind changes.’ Tek advised moving on. Stephen watched as the two CNN reporters headed to able bench where a student got up and greeted them. His reporter instincts got the better of him. He took out a pen and clicked on the end. {Yes he was standing outside the gate and all of a sudden I saw him holding his head. Then he started to mumble to himself. He then got into a waiting matt and left. {Anything else? {Yesjust before that I saw Stella talking to him. Her phone rang and she went to answer it, after which she went in the school and didn’t come out again. {Thank you very much Judy you have helped me a lot.} stephen heard rustling of paper then he turned off the microphone. The two headed his way. Madge grinned at him. ‘I hope what you collected was helpful,’Tek whispered passing him. Judy grinned at Stephen and headed back to the building. He replayed the conversation trying to find what Tek found useful. The red Mercedes pulled up before the white one storey building. Tek and Madge read the sign DR. MUTISO COUNSELLING SERVICES. Madge moved forward but Tek grabbed her quickly. ‘The chipmunk sees all and I know all. And I know something is amiss.’ He said quietly. He went to the building pushing open the door. Madge waited for four minutes then got restless. She headed upto the door and at that moment Tek came out in full flight. He grabbed her hand and pulled her. Her stilleto snapped and she fell down. Tek carried her and at that moment she knew why he was running. A loud explosion tore through the air followed by the rush of billowing burning gases that threw them to the ground. She fell on a patch of grass but Tek was unlucky as he fell on the tarmac right in the path of the gases Lucy got up for the twentieth time that hour to make coffee. She tried the television and she smiled. ‘Welcome back to CNN. I am Simon Mwangi and I am proud to say that we are the first station worldwide to switch to the USB systen-Unique Satelitte Broadcasting. As you all know magnetic flares from the sun are affecting communications all over. Normal programming resumes and up next is Alvin and The Chipmunks the Squeakel——-’ Lucy muted the volume trying to remember what was eating up her head. For fifteen minutes she just stared at the screen unaware of the film. The scene changed to an ambulance pulling away and she put on the volume ‘—Madge Swits were to visit the late doctor when the place blew up. Our beloved onchor Tek Williams has minor burns and he has been rushed to Nairobe Hospital-’ Lucy cursed out loud, ‘How the hell am I to know what you were driving at?’ She stared at the screnn then jumped up as it finally popped up. She picked up the handset and told the operator she wanted to make an international call. ‘Madge Swits, how can I help you?’ she quickly took her notebook and quickly took down notes. She hung up reread the notes, smiled and rushed out shouting ‘CHIEF’ to his office. The others watched her wondering what substance she was using. She flung the door open and sat down without being invited. He put down his coffee mug and waited. ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a mental illness that involves the sufferer experiencing at least two clear identities or personality states, each of which has a fairly consistent way of viewing and relating to the world. I got this news from Lucy in US. well David was MPD patient but he did not know. The interestinf part is this, he had an alter and that was Stella- yes Stella-’ ‘Whoa!!! Hold on! You mean to say that David had an alter of the real Stella Kimani? I am comfused.’ ‘Yes he had. You remember when he was discovered dead his alter had resurfaced hence the make up and attire. I called the alter Stella because the interview with Judy it explained a lot. The problem is that people do not know or refuse to believe in DID. If we use the DID theory it may shed light on why he was killed and may be find out why Tek was targeted or why Mutiso was killed and by whom.’ The chief sighed, ‘Well intern you earned your very first news bulletin broadcast. You are on at Prime Time along with Simon Mwangi. Now scoot!’ She got out of the office hardly believing her good fortune. After months she was finally recognized. She whooped in joy oblivious of the stares, she rushed off to see Tek. She was given two minutes though he was unconcious. Ten minutes later the nurses rushed in and tried to lower his heart rate. It stabilised but then sharply dropped. They prepared the CPR. Tek saw a white bright light ahead. He walked up to it and saw a familiar person smiling at him. He reached out to hold her but a glass partition stopped him. Then a hooded figure crept behind her a shiny weapon in its hand. ZAP!!! He moved back. Another jolt hit him then two more. ‘He is stabilising,’ a voice said. He revived and saw a nurse looking at him ‘Welcome back Tek,” she smiled. He looked round the room and his eyes fell on the clock-8:30 p.m. ‘I need some water,’ he croaked. The nurse nodded and left. She came back with a jug which she dropped when she saw the empty bag. A thorough search was done but he had vanished. Madge froze on the spot. She knew someone was following her all the way back from when she left the ward. She composed herself and walked the three metres to the news room. She got in the studio and stopped. The place was dimly lit though the camera was set up and the Teleprompter was on. She took her seat and waited. Then she heard it. A slight movement behind her then a rough pair of hands grabbed her throat. ‘You look delicious,’ a soft vioce said. She felt him licking her cheek. A baton was placed on the table. She sat there scared not knowing what to do. She was tied to the chair roughly by her arms. The hand slid down to her breast and cupped it. ‘Who are you?’ She asked fighting off the fear. He chuckled wickedly, ‘Nobody, just your local vampire known as Onyancha.’ ‘How could you kill those 17 people and still claim others were yet to go?’ ‘Correction darling I have killed over 30 counting your chief, Tek, Mutiso, David Nikki Stella and the damn crew that was to be here filming your debut.’ ‘How do you know? The police are searching all over and you will be found,’ she hissed and flinched as his hand moved further down to her waist. His finger ran along her skirt. “they wont because I have been right under their or above their noses and they never suspected a thing.’ Madge tried to buy time, ‘Why the 3 students?’ ‘The 2 gals was just luck. I reached the scene and found them still alive. But the view of blood drove me wild and I just had to finish them off. My own version of euthanasia. David was an MPD and I hate MPD people.’ ‘You are ruthless.’ She said and flinched as he pulled up her skirt slowly, his hand on her thighs moving up. ‘Why are we chatting yet my brother is ready to unleash his fury,’ he whispered in her ear. ‘What do you want from me?’ she asked wishing she could die. He whispered, ‘I wanna take you to heaven.’ She watched his hand movin heer knots loosened slowly. His hand moved further up and she quickly said, ‘Wait! Won’t the table be better? I mean you will have access to my whole body.’ In her mind she screamed as he untied her. He pushed her to the table pinning her down. She told him she had AIDS but he laughed it off as he put his cap besides her. He fumbled with his trousers; Madge acted quickly taking the mike and plunging it in his bare chest. He grunted in pain as Madge rolled to the floor. He jumped on her, strikind her against her face. He tore her blouse and started pulling down her skirt. She screamed out shutting her eyes waiting for the forcex entry. She opened her eyes and saw he was not on her. She heard blows and kicks to her extreme right. She remained motionless out of fright. A minute later someone walked to her and she cringed as two arms held her. A coat was put over her upper body. ‘Relax now,’ a familiar voice told her, ‘I am proud of you.’ She felt tears trickle down her face and she wept on his shoulders. He sat there with her. Soon the door flew open and in walked the officers. They saw the ir inspector lyinf in a dark pool of blood and two reporters- one in a hospital gown on the floor. Mark went to the two. Tek pointed at the Teleprompter which had a red flashing diode. ‘It is all there.’ He said. Mark nodded then stopped as flashing lights came on. Stephen walked in grinning like a hungry lion. One officer snatched the camera, took out the CCd and threw him out with his camera. The officer then gave Tek the CCD. ‘For your reputation I will not mention that Willis was Onyancha,’ Tek promised. Mark nodded and left with three of his boys leaving two behind. Tek pulled up Madge. ‘Let’s go home, tomorrowyou are on the Dawn News and I want you fresh.’ ‘Really but it was your work?” she smiled for the first time. ‘CNN needs to be run by someone and for now it will be me. You will reppresent me and later you will be my partner in news anchorage.’ Tek said smiling down at her. ‘But I am an intern.’ She argued. ‘An intern who followed the plan to the letter rissking rape and death. Welcome to the Chipmunk Family. Want some ice crem? My treat.’ She whispered, ‘Remember I have no top on.’ ‘No worry, you look sexy in that janitor’s dustcoat gal,’ he teased. Madge punched him and he pretended to get hurt. The two walked down the street hand in hand. END


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