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Mercy reachd Tinderet crescent at midnyt. She had 2 get a matt n Tao. She got 1 n saw she was da nly female. Da rest wa pot-bellied men hu eyed ha, sme makin sexually suggestive remax. She squeezed in btwn 2 men at da back.
1 by 1 they got off at dfrnt stages until nly ha n a hefty man wa left. He gt off at Lower Tinderet. Un4tntly da matt stalled at Uppa Tinderet n she had 2 walk. The road was dark bt da moon had stopd playin hyd n seek n was nw lytin ha way.
As she pasd da Kilimani-Westy by-pass she quickly lookd round. 3 dogs pasd ha chasin each ada akros da road. She shivad as da cold wind whipd ha xposd areas.
She stopd 4 a minute then continued. Ha ears heard da slow footsteps behynd ha. She startd humming 2 haself as she joind Nyeri Road. The moon blushd n hid behynd a cloud.
This tym twas louda ryt behynd ha. She startd runnin, ha sandals clappin n da road. She lukd bk n bumpd in2 a burly figa. She saw twas da man hu got off at Tinderet. He read ha face n undastood. He walkd with ha ol da way 2 da junction. Ge pocketd n sloly puld owt smethn.
At that moment the moon ovakame its shyness n smyld at da earth. It saw its reflection n a silva blade.
Mercy stopd 2 adjust ha sandal straps n lost ha balance toppling ova 2 da bushes. She then realized that she was pushd n da nly pasn nearby was the man. She then saw the blade n swallowd in fryt as it hit ha


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